Upgrading an Xbox 360 TE FightStick to Brook Universal Fighting Board


With the arrival of Street Fighter V, Australian fighting game players are looking for ways to compete in PS4 tournaments for the game with their own controller. For those that prefer arcade sticks, convenient, affordable options are in short supply. Taiwanese company Brook recently released a universal PCB which allows people to convert an existing arcade stick for direct, simple use across multiple consoles.

Stick Addiction member BeefyGoodness ordered some of these PCBs and has documented his experience installing one into a Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick for the Xbox 360. After the jump Beefy takes us through the mod process step-by-step.

If you have any questions about the mod, you can contact Ben Vanzino (BeefyGoodness) via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.

This is intended to be a visual guide to help get people to a minimum viable product to play on the newer consoles from their old fight sticks.

I am not a professional nor claim to be one; this article is to help the “average Joe” save themselves a fair amount of cash.

Based on this Shoryuken article a little while ago I pre-ordered my Brook Universal Fighting Boards from Arcade Shock.

Explanation and Planning Phase

All of the work done is with the stick oriented as per the picture below.

Starting position for doing the mod

Here is what we are working with on the inside.

The quality madcatz build

We are aiming to swap the larger green Madcatz PCB with the black Brook PCB.

What we are swapping over

You will need:

  • Size 3 hex head screw driver or Allen key;
  • Wire cutters/Long nose pliers;
  • Phillips head screw driver (larger);
  • Phillips head screw driver (small);
  • Soldering Iron;
  • Solder;
  • Rum (optional but makes you better at soldering).
The tools required

Here is a closer pic of the Brook Universal Fighting Board. We will be focusing on the parts highlighted in red, the button screw-downs and the USB solder point.

the brook universal fighting board

Here is the USB plug that we will need to remove from the Madcatz PCB and attach correspondingly to the above USB solder point.

the usb swap over

The Doing Phase

Disconnect CN3 from the Madcatz PCB noting the Ground, Right, Left, Up, Down order and attach to the corresponding screw down on the Brooks PCB.

joystick wiring

I would recommend cutting, stripping and attaching one at a time so you dont lose track of the order shown above.

one at a time

Unplug CN1 and CN2 from the Madcatz PCB cutting, stripping and attaching to the corresponding screw-down one at a time so you don’t lose track. See below for the button mapping table.

CN2 and CN1

The Button Mapping Table (reading left to right on the Madcatz PCB):

Ground (GND)
RT (3K)
LT (4K)
RB (3P)
B (2K)
Y (2P)
X (1P)
LB (4P)
A (1K)

In the end you should have all of the wires from CN1, CN2 and CN3 attached to the appropriate screw-downs.

Note the red strips, as they are attached on the left hand side button boards, are a way to make sure you have the order correct for using the button mappings…I had to go back and manually test and fix a couple I got wrong here!

moving on to the buttons

Unplug CN4 from the Madcatz PCB and clip the xguild (Xbox Home button) and GND (ground) off, strip and attach to the appropriate screw-downs on the Brook PCB.

USB step

Unplug the remaining CN and push them out of the way. They aren’t required for the minimum viable product (or if you want to you can continue hooking up the Xbox Home LED’s, turbo buttons, switches and LED’s). Unscrew the Madcatz PCB from its mounting.

USB replacement

USB Wire Mapping Table:

Red wire: Solder point V
White wire: Solder point D-
Green wire: Solder point D+
Thin black wire: Solder point GND
Thick black wire: Not required

Set the USB cable free with the soldering iron.


Expertly (with the help of rum) solder the USB wires to the appropriate slots in the Brook PCB. After this point (before attaching or glueing anything into place) you should test everything is working as expected.

expert soldering of USB

Unfortunately the mount points do not line up so only a single screw can be used. You can Hot Glue the base of the Brook PCB to the mount points underneath as an option to make it rock solid. Tuck all of the wires out of the way and screw the cover back down and you are done!

Screw it into place

Ben Vanzino (BeefyGoodness)