Ultimate Capcom Showcase – Quick Wrap-up

Well, one of the biggest public promotional nights Australia has seen for a fighting game has just passed.  Sure, it wasn’t just fighter fans that got their fix – there was also Asura’s Wrath and Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City demoed – but when Capcom sends in Seth Killian, you can be sure he’s there for the fighters!

It was great to finally meet the man we all know, and to grill him on specifics of the games.  His knowledge is first class and he is so nice that he didn’t turn down ANYONE that wanted to chat with him.

As for the event, I think they weren’t ready for how popular it was going to be.  The bar got crowded very quick.  Even if you were lucky to get in early and find space, it didn’t matter once everyone got in as it was packed to the brim.  But the good sign is that this means there are even more fighting game fans than we even knew!  There quite a few people not too familiar with OzHadou.  So hopefully some OHers there last helped point them here to get in touch with more alike players!

Shout outs to all those that came from afar to be there too, and of course to the Shadowloo crew for doing a good job of running a quick bracket under the circumstances!

Check the forum thread for some thoughts on the night.  Or if you were there, post your own!  We’d love to hear from you!

And don’t forget – there’s still another chance to play SFxT before official release: OHNX!