THQ Supporting YSB #14 in Sydney!

THQ have long been avid supporters of Australia’s fighting game community by way of prizes, software deals and exclusive previews of new releases at various events including OzHadou’s annual nationals tournament, OHN.

THQ Australia

For the forthcoming YSB #14, THQ have been very generous and are providing us with some pretty cool prizes for those entering.

– 5 copies of DARKSIDERS 2 (your choice of platform!)
– 5 DARKSIDERS 2 posters
– 1 DARKSIDERS 2 statue
– 1 copy of NINJA GAIDEN 3 COLLECTOR’S EDITION + Ninja Gaiden Training Sword

Darksiders 2 (Xbox 360 version pictured)

So what does all this mean? YSB #14 now has paid entry up for grabs for the forthcoming EB Expo tournament (details cited below this article) combined with THQ’s generous prize-pack being allocated among the various games being played (Street Fighter IV, Marvel 3 and Virtua Fighter) AND the accumulated cash prize pots from the past three events.

Lastly, we also have prizes from the folks at Madman Entertainment up for grabs to cover even more bases if the goodies above slip through your fingers. The Madman prize pack and indeed the organisation for all of these offerings couldn’t have been made possible without Daniel “Bezerk!” ¬†Chlebowczyk’s efforts in making all of this happen. Hats off to Daniel for amping the competitive stakes up for everybody!

Recall that this YSB is the finals for the ongoing Ranbat series we have been running for the past three events where those of you who have cut through to top eight in your respective games by way of accumulated points (top 4 for King Of Fighters) will battle it out for your final placings.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition Training Sword

If you have any questions for the event, be sure to check out the forum thread with details here. Be sure to also give the folks at THQ props for giving YSB that extra dash of competitive spice via these prizes and here’s hoping we can work with them again in the future to keep things interesting!

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