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[Bris] Button-Smash 2016 – Pot Bonuses from GCFGC


Button-Smash 2016 is taking place on Sunday March 6th at GUF Brisbane. The Keep ‘et Classy crew recently made some announcements about the event. Neighbouring FGC community group Gold Coast FGC are providing some generous pot bonuses for both the Street Fighter V and SF3: Third Strike tournaments.

GCFGC will also be running a free-entry tournament for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (PC), with a prize on offer for the winner.

Note that players can only register online for this event, with the cut-off for registrations being Friday March 4th at 10pm. Visit the official website to register before the cut-off date and also learn more about Button-Smash 2016.