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Results Round-Up – July 2nd-3rd


There were a couple of tournaments that took place over the first weekend of July. In Melbourne the local Tekken community ran their first arcade tournament for Tekken 7. Victory went to Jonathon Garofalo. Check out the results thread on Facebook for match videos and photos from the tournament, a couple of which are provided below.


Top 3 for the Melbourne Tekken 7 tournament on July 2nd.

The Melbourne community arcade setups for Tekken 7.

On Saturday the third Sonic Boom tournament was held at GUF Brisbane. In addition to the regular Street Fighter V tournament there was also a tournament held for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Below we have the top 3 results for both game, taken from the results post on Facebook.

Sonic Boom 3 – 3rd July Results

Street Fighter V
1st: Pahnda (Ken)
2nd: Hieroyo (Vega)
3rd: hunterSteven (Birdie)
Ultra Street Fighter IV
1st: SelfSatisfiedRagedPoetShroomyD (Guy)
2nd: Jin Smiff (Balrog/Ryu)
3rd:Joel/SC (Balrog)

[Can] USF4 & GGXrd at Three D6 – February 13th Results


Stick Addiction held another round of tournaments last weekend at Three D6, featuring Ultra Street Fighter IV and Guilty Gear Xrd. In GGXrd Ryan emerged victorious while Vlad put in another winning performance for USF4. There was a bonus USF4 showdown between Rourke and Jemist which Rourke won 10-4.

Below we have the top 3 players in each bracket, along with links to the Challonge brackets and photos of the top 2. For more photos and post-event discussions visit the Stick Addiction Facebook page.

1st: Vlad
2nd: Cary
3rd: Mikey
Challonge bracket

USF4 top 2: Carey (left) and champion Vlad.
1st: Ryan
2nd: Max
3rd: Matt
Challonge bracket

GGXrd top 2: Max (left) and champion Ryan.

[Can] USF4 & GGXrd at Three D6 – February 13th


The next monthly Stick Addiction tournaments at Three D6 have been announced. This month the Canberra scene will be saying farewell to USF4 whilst adding Guilty Gear Xrd to the line-up.

This is a BYO controller event so be sure to bring along your preferred pad or arcade stick for Xbox 360 (USF4) or PS3 (GGXrd).

Date: Saturday, February 13th
Time: 11:00am
Location: Three D6, 6/38 Reed St N, Greenway, ACT 2900
Entry Fee: $10

Full details, including the tournament format and rules, are available on the official event page.

Additional: please note that the Andrometa convention which was planned for this Saturday has been rescheduled to May 15th. We’ll provide fresh coverage for the fighting game tournaments planned for Andrometa closer to the event date.

[GC] USF4 @ GGS Gold Coast – January 23rd


Last Saturday the Gold Coast FGC organised a fitting farewell tournament for Ultra Street Fighter IV at Good Games on the Gold Coast. Originally projected to attract 25 players, the tournament exceeded organiser expectations with 39 registered competitors in the brackets and a total prize pool of $700 up for grabs.

Victory was claimed by Brisbane’s ON|Colonov, beating out YassBass777 3-1 in the grand final. Below we have top 8 results and prizes, along with photos, brackets and match videos from the tournament.

Remember that there’ll be more fighting game action at the Gold Coast Good Games store tomorrow (January 26th) as part of the GC FGC’s weekly Throwdown series.

Thanks to Dejan from GC FGC for sending us all the details.

USFIV Top 8: Results & Prizes
1) ON|Colonov ($350)
2) YassBass777 ($150)
3) AUS Worst Hugo ($100)
4) Shredder 218 ($100)
5) BSG-JScrub
5) Dibbly David
7) Pahnda

Top 4 (left to right): AUS Worst Hugo (3rd), ON|Colonov (1st), YassBass777 (2nd) and Shredder 218 (4th).
Media List


YassBass777 (left) and ON|Colonov (right) facing off in the grand finals.

[GC] USF4 @ Good Games Gold Coast – January 23rd


The Gold Coast FGC is back at Good Games on the Gold Coast this Saturday with some Ultra Street Fighter 4 action. A healthy $500 prize pool has been advertised for this tournament* so if you’re in the area make sure you don’t miss out!

*The advertised prize pool for this tournament is an estimate based on an expected size of 25 players.

Date: Saturday January 23rd
Time: 12:00pm sharp – arrive early to secure your spot
Location: Good Games Gold Coast, 8/130 Scarborough St, Southport, QLD 4215
Entry Fee: $20

For those unable to make it, GC FGC will be live streaming these sessions via their Twitch channel GCfighters.

Visit the Facebook event page to find out more about this tournament, and check out the Gold Coast FGC page to learn more about their regular “Throwdown” events throughout the year.

[Can] USF4 and KI at Three D6 – January 9th Results


The first 2016 Canberra tournaments for Ultra Street Fighter IV and Killer Instinct took place at Three D6 last weekend. Vlad emerged victorious in the Open Bracket , defeating Matt Diep in the grand finals. In the USF4 B League Tan’s Vega put in the work to take top honours over Matt.

In KI Adam kept both Mikey and Vlad from the winner’s podium, however these top players are clearly coming to grips with the game having placed 3rd and 2nd respectively. It’s great to see KI getting more tournament attention in Australia. Being Xbox One exclusive has held the game back so the PC release might be able to add some interest.

Below we have the top 3 players in each bracket, along with links to the Challonge brackets and photos of some of the finalists courtesy of Stick Addiction.

USF4 Open Bracket
1st: Vlad
2nd: Matt
3rd: Johnny
Challonge bracket
USF4 B League
1st: Tan
2nd: Rourke
3rd: Isaac
Challonge bracket
Killer Instinct
1st: Adam
2nd: Vlad
3rd: Mikey
Challonge bracket

Runner-up Matt (left) with champion Vlad, showing his elation – or possibly relief!

Vlad (left) couldn’t make it 2-from-2, placing 2nd in KI behind champion Adam (right).

[Per] Pixel Expo USF4 Ranking Season 1.01 – January 22nd


Pixel Expo is kicking off their first ranking season for Ultra Street Fighter IV later this month at Game City in Perth. These tournaments will be run on PS4 consoles and streamed live via the Pixel Expo Twitch TV channel.

Date: Friday, January 22nd
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Game City, Shop TR2/3, Raine Square Shopping Centre, 300 Murray Street, Perth, WA 6000
Entry Fee: $10 for competitors; gold coin donation for spectators

For further details regarding the tournament format and rules for this ranking season visit the official event page.

Results Round-Up 2015 – Ultra Street Fighter IV


More than 7 years have passed since Street Fighter IV arrived in arcades around the world. Thanks to unprecedented long-term support from publisher Capcom SF4 has been one of the most lucrative entries in the franchise’s history. A lot has happened in Australia since the arrival of SF4. We’ve had 7 Battle Arena Melbourne tournaments, 6 Shadowloo Showdowns, 7 OzHadou Nationals (OHN7-OHN13) and one-shot events like EVO APAC which were powered entirely by SF4. We’ve seen the rise of Button Smash, the launch of the Southern Cross Championships and more local tournaments and leagues than I’m prepared to count.

One Fei Long player who has seen just about all of it is Goodpart. Hailing from Sydney, Goodpart should be a familiar name to anyone that has tuned into Australian streams to watch SF4. For years he’s shared his enthusiasm and analysis of this series with thousands of viewers and his commentary is held in high regard by a global audience that isn’t shy with its criticism.

After the jump Goodpart runs us through the 2015 results for Ultra SF4 in Australia and reflects on where the AU FGC is headed in 2016. We also provide a summary of results for the year and offer our nominations for the AU MVPs of 2015.

Gold Coast FGC Results Round-Up 2015


Since the arrival of Ultra Street Fighter IV in mid-2014, the Gold Coast FGC has held 10 tournaments for the game, 7 of which have taken place in 2015. This consistency has made the Gold Coast one of the most active offline scenes for USF4 in QLD. Taj Garou has sent us a summary of top 3 results for the GC FGC USF4 tournaments of 2015, including links to match videos and photos of some of the local champions.

Full details are available after the jump.


[AU] Ultra Street Fighter IV Tech-Hit Tuesday (PC ONLINE) – December 29th


The Keep ‘et Classy crew isn’t finished with 2015 just yet! Tulf is starting a new online PC tournament series for USF4 this coming Tuesday. The long term plan for this series is to run on Thursdays – with a suitable name change of course – transitioning to Street Fighter V after the game’s release in February.

The tournament will be run via Steam and streamed via the KEC Twitch TV channel. If you’re joining from outside QLD be sure to note that the starting time is for the Brisbane timezone.

Date: Tuesday, December 29th
Time: 7:30pm Brisbane time
Location: online (PC – Steam)
Entry Fee: Free

Full details including online registration is available in the OzHadou forum post for the tournament.