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How To Tournament – The Beginner’s Guide to Major Events

OHN 14 is coming and with a slew of new games coming out in the last year, this is likely to be the first major tournament for a lot of new players. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your tournament experience.


OHN registration closes on August 22nd. If you haven’t registered by then, you aren’t playing. No exceptions. Get it done.

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OzHadou officially ends support for SFV Legacy Controllers on PS4


As of February 29th 2016, the Legacy Controllers option in Street Fighter V on Playstation 4 will no longer be supported in tournaments sanctioned by OzHadou. Given the time consuming nature of the setup process, combined with the high player count at recent events, this is a necessary step we are taking to make sure tournaments finish in a timely manner. Additionally, the legacy support brought a host of new issues for tournament staff including syncing issues with the DualShock4, which proved to be a huge issue with tournament setups.

The market for next generation sticks is ever-growing and for those that don’t want to make the jump, Brook Converters are also an option. If you’re a little lost as to what you’re options are, we’ll have an article on the site over the next couple of days rounding up some of the more popular options.

DualShock4 pads will still be permitted in OzHadou tournaments run on PS4, however players must sync the pad using a reliable recharge cable and then desync and delete the controller at the end of every tournament match. Anyone found interrupting tournament matches with a DualShock4 pad will face penalties including tournament disqualification, tournament bans and event bans.

OHN 11 Registrations are open!

Registrations for OHN11 are now open! Go to the OHN11 website to register online for casual play and official tournaments at OHN11. Note that the only way to register for OHN11 is online via the link provided. Registrations will NOT be taken at the venue.


You will need access to a credit card or Paypal account to complete your registration. If you have neither of these then simply ask someone else to complete the online registration on your behalf.

Registrations will be closing on Monday the 18th of February. This will allow us time to seed and publish all tournament pools before OHN11 begins.

Finally, please be aware that venue passes for OHN11 will be capped. If the passes run out we will close registrations early. We must cap the numbers because the venue’s capacity is limited. The size of the cap will be announced soon. Be sure to get in early to avoid missing out!

See you all at OHN!

– OzHadou and the OHN team

OzHadou Perth Ladder Finals: Post Event Writeup

2012 was a bit of a landmark year for the Perth scene. After being a rag-tag group of FAPpers, we were rebranded and reborn as OzHadou Perth. One of the major new initiatives we started was an ongoing monthly tournament ladder season for Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blazblue: CSEx, The King of Fighters 13, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Skullgirls. The season culminated with a Top 8 Playoff as the finale.

The playoffs happened last weekend and one of our local community members, Salty Pete, kindly volunteered to do a writeup of the event, which you can find below. (more…)

Five Reasons Why You Should Come to OHN11

With the announcement of OHN11 two weeks ago, perhaps you’re mulling over the possibility of attending. Perhaps you’re on the fence, and need a little bit of a push over the line. Chances are if you’re on this site, and you’re reading this, you have at least a passing interest: so maybe this article is for you.

If you’re an online warrior, arcade fiend, or just an interested bystander who has never come to a fighting game tournament before, you might be asking: what’s the big deal? Why would I want to come to Sydney in February?

Well, for your interest, I present five reasons why you should be at OHN11. (more…)

Announcement: OzHadou Nationals 11

The longest running annual fighting game tournament for Australia – the ‘OzHadou Nationals’ (OHN) – will take place in Sydney, Australia next year from February the 22nd through until February the 24th. Once again our venue will be the ‘Red Room’ which is located in the Sydney CBD at ’99 on York’ on 99 York Street.

[vsw id=”LDola8UrcPI” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no” frameborder=”0″]

This marks OHN’s 11th iteration and with it we will be running official tournaments for the following titles:

– Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (Xbox 360)
– Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
– The King Of Fighters XIII (Xbox 360)
– Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
– Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360)

OHN 11 follows a similar format to OHN X, whereby Friday will be a meet/greet/casual matches/social session running from late afternoon through the evening; tournament brackets will be run on Saturday (alongside casuals and time permitting, any featured exhibition matches); with the top four for each official tournament game being held on the Sunday. Again, with time permitting we may be able to factor in additional exhibition matches on the Sunday also.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing more detail on OHN 11’s timetable, registration process and overview. Until then, please check out our announcement trailer above put together by Kientan from Sydney which covers key pieces of information. Please also visit the forum thread which you can find here to join in on the discussion and also fire away with any questions you may have.

Here’s hoping we will see you all at OHN again this year!


Super YSB 15: The New Challengers!

Update: An online pre-pay/sign up page is now available for YSB #15. Please check it out here.

For those of you in Sydney the next YSB event will be a little bit different. We will be expanding YSB to include the Sydney Tekken Community thanks to the TTT2 console release.

Date: Saturday 10th November, 2012
Time: 12pm – 11pm
Location: Red Room, Level 1, 99 York St Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $15 prepay online*, $20 at the door

(*In the coming days we will have an online payment system available. Details soon.)

The next YSB will be held at 99 On York as per usual, however we will be moving into the ‘Red Room’ which is the same room as the last two OHNs. This means we have a larger area to use, more players and an expanded array of fighting games to play. The format of the day will be the same as usual, with the same starting times (12pm – 11.00pm). For those of you new to YSB, please read on for more details.


THQ Supporting YSB #14 in Sydney!

THQ have long been avid supporters of Australia’s fighting game community by way of prizes, software deals and exclusive previews of new releases at various events including OzHadou’s annual nationals tournament, OHN.

THQ Australia

For the forthcoming YSB #14, THQ have been very generous and are providing us with some pretty cool prizes for those entering.

– 5 copies of DARKSIDERS 2 (your choice of platform!)
– 5 DARKSIDERS 2 posters
– 1 DARKSIDERS 2 statue
– 1 copy of NINJA GAIDEN 3 COLLECTOR’S EDITION + Ninja Gaiden Training Sword

Darksiders 2 (Xbox 360 version pictured)

So what does all this mean? YSB #14 now has paid entry up for grabs for the forthcoming EB Expo tournament (details cited below this article) combined with THQ’s generous prize-pack being allocated among the various games being played (Street Fighter IV, Marvel 3 and Virtua Fighter) AND the accumulated cash prize pots from the past three events.

Lastly, we also have prizes from the folks at Madman Entertainment up for grabs to cover even more bases if the goodies above slip through your fingers. The Madman prize pack and indeed the organisation for all of these offerings couldn’t have been made possible without Daniel “Bezerk!”  Chlebowczyk’s efforts in making all of this happen. Hats off to Daniel for amping the competitive stakes up for everybody!

Recall that this YSB is the finals for the ongoing Ranbat series we have been running for the past three events where those of you who have cut through to top eight in your respective games by way of accumulated points (top 4 for King Of Fighters) will battle it out for your final placings.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition Training Sword

If you have any questions for the event, be sure to check out the forum thread with details here. Be sure to also give the folks at THQ props for giving YSB that extra dash of competitive spice via these prizes and here’s hoping we can work with them again in the future to keep things interesting!

THQ’s website can be visited at http://www.thq.com/au
They can be followed on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/thq
And their Facebook community can be viewed here: http://www.facebook.com/THQ

SFxT and UMvC3 Playable at BAM 2011

The organisers of Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) have secured builds of Capcom’s eagerly anticipated new fighting games: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken.

This is a very rare opportunity for Australian players to sample these games prior to their release. BAM will also feature the usual line-up of tournament games, plenty of casual play and their new community awards.

BAM is taking place in Melbourne on the 1st-2nd of October 2011. For more information visit the BAM website or check out the BAM thread on the OzHadou forums.