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[Melb] BAM8 – International Players, Salty Suite and more


Battle Arena Melbourne 8 is almost here! This weekend the Capcom Pro Tour descends on Melbourne for the first of two Australian CPT Asia ranking events in 2016. Almost 600 people have registered for this event and with on-the-day registration available for some games that number is likely to keep growing.

In recent BAM news Razer Xian, EG Momochi, MJS Haitani and Mago-san have been announced as competitors for BAM8, providing a rare chance for Australians to experience world-class in person.

bam8_internationals International competitors coming to BAM8
(clockwise from top left):

  • Mago-san
  • EG Momochi
  • Razer Xian
  • MJS Haitani

An extra event has recently been announced as part of BAM8: the Salty Suite. Taking place in the Melbourne CBD this Thursday, the Salty Suite will provide players a chance to get in some games with the international Smash Bros. competitors ahead of time. This bonus event is being run by BAM8 organisers CouchWarriors.

BAM8 – Salty Suite
Date: Thursday, May 12th
Time: 5:30pm (or 12.00pm for people with Early Access)
Location: Games Laboratory, 328 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Full details for the Salty Suite are available via the official event page.

UPDATE: All the pool assignments for BAM8 are now available online! Check them out at the official smash.gg page for BAM8.

Finally the brackets for Tekken 7 at BAM8 are now available on Facebook. There’s a great $1,000 pot bonus up for grabs courtesy of Bandai Namco Australia so if you’re in the T7 tournament make sure you know what you’ll be up against.

[Melb] BAM8 – Schedule, Tekken 7 $1k Pot Bonus


Time is running out to register for Battle Arena Melbourne 8. People have until Saturday May 7th to register online. Numbers are on track to break 400 competitors, continuing BAM’s undisputed position as Australia’s largest fighting game major.

As mentioned previously, Bandai Namco are bringing arcade cabinets to BAM8 for Tekken 7. They also recently announced a $1,000 pot bonus for T7 making this the biggest prize pool for a Tekken tournament in recent memory. The top 4 in Tekken 7 will receive cash prizes so if you’re a serious Tekken competitor this is one tournament you can’t afford to miss!

The official BAM8 schedule has also been released. Click the images below for a closer look at the times set for the various tournament pools and finals throughout the BAM8 weekend.


Super Smash Bros. Schedule.

“Traditional” Fighting Games Schedule.

Remember to keep an eye on the CouchWarriors Facebook page for the latest updates on BAM and other Melbourne FGC activities.

Results Round-Up – April 22nd-24th


Last week we had a couple of big “first time” tournament events in Australia: Perth’s first ever tournament for arcade Tekken 7 and Hobart’s first ever fighting game major Tassie Fighter Con (TFC).

The Tekken 7 tournament at Game City had a great turnout, with 22 players registered. The grand final went to NoobAsUCanGet, winning 2-1 over Dabble-O-Snack.

Tekken 7 – Game City

1st: NoobAsUCanGet
2nd: Dabble-O-Snack
3rd: Ty


Tournament setup for Tekken 7 at Game City.

Twitch archives

Wrap-up on Facebook

Hosted by Area 52 E-Sports, the first TFC tournament took place last weekend, featuring several games including Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. 4. The SF5 tournament was won by ZM, defeating Swebe in the grand final and going through the bracket undefeated.

See below for the top 3 in SF5 and SSB4 at TFC.

Street Fighter V – TFC

1st: ZM
2nd: Swebe
3rd: Mulletcap



Stage setup at TFC in Hobart.
Super Smash Bros. 4 Singles – TFC
1st: MrMiacro
2nd: Dese
3rd: Sharp


Super Smash Bros. 4 Doubles – TFC
1st: TK Boiz
2nd: Mac+Steeze
3rd: Married


BAM8 Update: Tekken 7


Some great news for the Australian Tekken community today: Tekken 7 is coming to Battle Arena Melbourne 8!

Bandai Namco Australia will be bringing a Tekken 7 arcade setup to BAM8 for both casual and tournament play, with Tekken 7 now added to the official line-up of BAM8 tournaments. This will be the first major tournament for Tekken 7 in Australia and a great chance for people to see what the game is all about given its limited availability in Australian arcades.

Numbers for BAM8 have been rising steadily with over 160 people already registered. Pre-registration will close on Saturday May 7th, one week before the event. Be sure to preregister online to jump the queue on arrival and secure your spot in some of the 13 tournament games on offer.

[Per] Tekken 7 Tournament at Game City – April 22nd


The first ever Perth tournament for Tekken 7 will be taking place at Game City this Friday. The Tekken 7 cabinets will be free to play during the tournament and the format will be double elimination with matches best of 3 games.

Date: Friday, April 22nd
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Game City, Shop TR2/3, Raine Square Shopping Centre, 300 Murray Street, Perth, WA 6000
Entry Fee: $15 per player

For all the details regarding this tournament, including prizes, check out the official event page.

[Melb] Tekken 7 Arrives at Galactic Circus

It’s been a long time coming but Tekken 7 has finally arrived in Melbourne. Arcade Galactic Circus installed their new Tekken 7 cabinet this week and it’s already getting plenty of attention from the Melbourne Tekken community.

Here is a recap all the Tekken 7 locations in Australia that we currently known about. If you know about a Tekken 7 location please contact us and we’ll add it to our list.

Galactic Circus
Crown Towers Melbourne,
Crown Entertainment Complex,
8 Whiteman St,
Southbank, VIC 3006
Game City
Shop TR2/3,
Raine Square Shopping Centre,
300 Murray Street,
Perth, WA 6000
City Amusements
Shop R307 Level 3,
Market City Shopping,
9-13 Hay Street,
Haymarket, NSW 2000
iPlay Austalia 
142 Albert Street
Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Visit the Australia Tekken Community page on Facebook to find out when and where people are playing, and to keep up with news regarding local arcade tournaments and meets for Tekken 7.

[Per] Tekken 7 Arrives at Game City in Perth


Another set of Tekken 7 cabinets has arrived in Australia. This time they’re on the west coast at Game City in Perth.

Game City is now the third location in Australia with Tekken 7, providing Perth locals a chance to experience the game ahead of its anticipated console release this year. For those elsewhere, here is a list of all the Australian Tekken 7 locations known to date.

Game City
Shop TR2/3,
Raine Square Shopping Centre,
300 Murray Street,
Perth, WA 6000
City Amusements
Shop R307 Level 3,
Market City Shopping,
9-13 Hay Street,
Haymarket, NSW 2000
iPlay Austalia 
142 Albert Street
Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Be sure to visit the Australia Tekken Community page on Facebook to find out when and where people are playing, and to keep up with news regarding local arcade tournaments for Tekken 7.

[Bris] Tekken 7 SNL with yiggs – January 30th


The Brisbane scene is getting a dose of arcade tournament action with Tekken 7 tournaments starting at the end of January. T7SNL: Saturday Night Live with yiggs is backed by Queensland Tekken and will be held at IPlay Albert St.

Date: Saturday, January 30th
Time: 2:30pm
Location: IPlay Albert Street, 142 Albert St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

The QLD Tekken team are currently looking to the community for feedback regarding the timing and frequency of meets for their ranbat season. Visit the Queensland Tekken Facebook page to have your say and see the official event page for full details regarding T7SNL.

Results Round-Up – December 1st-12th


The 2015 Australian majors might be over but the local tournaments keep coming. There’s been a flurry of tournament activity around the country in early December. Here we round-up four of these tournaments starting with the very first Australian Tekken 7 tournament that went down in Sydney yesterday.

Tekken 7 – Sydney, December 12th

1) 4LCH3M1ST (Kazumi)
2) ZEP (Devil Jin)
3) Lazy Dave (Shaheen, Lucky Chloe)
3) Handsomeboi123 (Feng, Xiaoyu)

A great turnout for this arcade tournament which included prizes provided by Bandai Namco.


Top 4 for Tekken 7: Handsomeboi123, 4LCH3M1ST, ZEP, & Lazy Dave.

Hit the jump for results from Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


[Syd] Tekken 7 Tournament – December 12th


FaYd will be running Australia’s first ever tournament for Tekken 7 next weekend. This will be held at City Amusements arcade in Market City, Haymarket. This is a great opportunity for Tekken players to book some time on the Tekken 7 cabinets whilst seeing how Sydney’s best players are approaching the latest entry in the Tekken series.

Date: Saturday, December 12th
Time: 3:00pm sign-ups for a 4.00pm start
Location: City Amusements, Level 3, Market City Shopping Centre, 9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $2

Note that this is a single elimination tournament due to the limited number of cabinets available. FaYd is a veteran tournament organiser and has been running the Tekken brackets at OHN for many years so participants will be in excellent hands.

For full details about this tournament and other Australian Tekken activity visit the Australian Tekken Community Facebook page.