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[Syd] OHN14 Tournament Brackets and Stream Channels


The 14th OzHadou Nationals kicks off in less than 2 days! We have some more important updates for everyone following OHN14: the official tournament brackets and stream channels for our premier 3-day fighting game event.

Tournament Brackets

The tournament brackets are now available! All Smash Bros. game brackets, including Project M and SSB64, are available in smash.gg while the rest of the brackets can be found in the OzHadou Challonge page.

You can also view a summary of your pool allocations and times by visiting the OHN14 competitors page.

Official Tournament Brackets

DIY Tournament Brackets

Official Streams for OHN14

Here are all the Twitch channels that will be live-streaming the action at OHN14 this weekend.

SFV Pools, Sunday Finals (SFV, Tekken 7, MKX, VF5) twitch.tv/ozhadou
Tekken 7 Pools twitch.tv/yiggs_au
VF5 and MKX Pools twitch.tv/gilbagz
Smash Channel #1 twitch.tv/sydneysmash
Smash Channel #2 twitch.tv/sydneysmash2
DIY Channel #1 – GG/KOF twitch.tv/megadarve
DIY Channel #2 – 3S/ST twitch.tv/gamrah

Whether you’re watching on stream or in the Australian Ballroom at Menzies Sydney we look forward to your participation in OHN14 this weekend.

[USA] Evo 2016 Round-Up – Streams, Brackets and Updates


This weekend fighting game players and fans around the world will be tuning-in to the live streams for Evolution 2016. As mentioned previously this is a huge event for the global FGC with players from around he world converging in Las Vegas, USA to crown this year’s Evo champions.

Below we have a summary of links people can check for information and live updates about Evo 2016. After the jump we also have embeds of all of the official Evo stream channels. Be sure to make some noise in the official AU FGC Facebook page to share the hype with the Australian scene as we cheer our players and favourites.

Hit the jump for the official stream links.


[USA] Evo 2016 Stream Schedule


Evolution 2016, the largest open-entry fighting game tournament in the world, is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas, USA. Players from around the globe will converge to determine this year’s Evo champions across 9 official tournament games. Evo 2016 is also the largest event in the Capcom Pro Tour with over 5,000 competitors for Street Fighter V alone.

The tournament organising body Shoryuken has announced the official stream schedule for Evo 2016. Below we’ve taken the Las Vegas times and converted them to AEST and AWST for the convenience of Australians looking forward to watching the tournament over the weekend.


We also have a summary of Australian players competing at Evo 2016 and you can also check out the official brackets online. Historically these have been slow to update so we’ll also provide links to the latest updates on Eventhubs and Shoryuken once these are available, along with embeds of all the official Twitch channels covering Evo 2016.

EVO2012 Stream Party @ ACL Melbourne

From the CouchWarriors Facebook page:

“That’s right ladies and gentlemen, get in the fighting spirit and watch the biggest fighting game event of the year with all of your friends in the Melbourne Fighting Game Community!

CouchWarriors has partnered with ACL Melbourne to provide a fantastic weekend of Evo, casuals, fun tournaments and silly games. Bring yourself and your friends and set yourself up in front of the big projector screen to see all the action go down while playing, practicing and supporting your Australian troops going over to try for the crown!

If you’re into Smash Brothers there is a huge tournament brewing with interstate guests making the trip for an all out brawl. Please see: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=323335 for full details

That’s not all though, we’ll have prizes to give away throughout the weekend courtesy of our sponsors.
We’ll be giving away a Qanba Q4RAF Arcade Joystick courtesy of http://www.gaminggear.com.au/ and Gaming Gear will even have a table on site selling sticks, buttons and more!
We’ll also have a heap of vouchers and DVDs courtesy of Madman Entertainment to keep you thoroughly entertained, and even more to be announced in the coming weeks.

Moonee Valley Racecourse
Celebrity Room
McPherson Street, Moonee Ponds
VIC, 3039

$20 per day or $30 for the whole weekend
This fee includes entry to any tournament you wish to be in (except for the Smash tournaments).

Compete and have fun:
We’ll be taking a bit of a different approach to tournaments for the weekend. As everyone will be glued on the action throughout the day on the big screen we’ll be running alternative rules to normal tournaments. We’re toying with the idea of less “serious” and more fun tournaments such as teams, random, low tier and many others, but we’d love your suggestions. Got a format you think would be fun? Please suggest it.
The current plan is to run Armies on Sunday for each game. This involves splitting all the competitors into two teams and having them play off against each other while their team cheers them on until only one is left standing.

We look forward to see you there!”