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Strat Talk Round-Up #3

Coincidentally bbbenson has recently traded hand slaps for mashing DPs.

It’s been a very long time since my last strat round-up post, but following EVO 2011 a couple of nice items have popped up that I found interesting.

There’s something for both SSF4:AE and MvC3 players in this edition of Strat Talk Round-up. Click through to find an article on the subject of “mashing”, as well as Viscant’s analysis of his grand final win in MvC3 at EVO 2011.

As a bonus there’s also a link to Seth Killian’s classic Domination 101 series of articles on SRK, written before he became the community manager for Capcom USA.

Strat Talk Round-Up #2

It’s been a few months since my first Strat Talk Round-Up, and there’s been a lot of interesting stuff discussed over on the Shoryuken front page.

Once again I’m providing a brief look at recent strategy articles that could be helpful to players who are keen to level up their game.

There’s a lot of potentially interesting articles this time around, so I’m only offering links and a quick quote from each. I recommend people follow-up any which sound relevant to you.


Strat Talk Round-Up

Why a Honda pic? To honour Sydney's #2 player.

In my opinion, the Australian tournament scene is comprised of 3 types of players:

1) Top players who find themselves in the Grand Final of just about any tournament they enter;
2) Committed players who want to get better but don’t seem to be making as much progress as they could be; and
3) Casual players just in it for fun.

Thanks to the global popularity of SF4, there’s now a wealth of knowledge being shared online to help people improve their game. The Shoryuken front page has featured many such blog posts, all of which are useful.

Here I provide a brief look at recent strategy articles that could be helpful to players who fall into “category 2”.