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I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E06 – How I Became King (featuring ShangTsung)


The Habibos are joined by none other than the King of Street Fighter 4 in Australia, ShangTsung, to discuss his road to becoming the best as well as Street Fighter 4 locally and internationally, Street Fighter 5 and how he stayed on top while still being a family man.

Show notes

Genki PLZ

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Aussies Shine at Evo2012

Day 1 has wrapped for Evo2012 with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition down to the final 8 competitors. First up, voxe/shangtsung from Sydney has achieved a fantastic Evo debut, making it all the way to equal 17th in a field of around 1,500 competitors from around the world. This continues voxe/shangtsung’s great run over the last 12 months, which includes 2nd place at both BAM2011 and OHNX.

The second great news is that multiple Australian title holder Humanbomb has made it all the way through to the final 8 in the Winners bracket! For years Australians have known that Humanbomb had the potential to go far in the international arena, and it’s wonderful to see him realising his potential.

Humanbomb (left) and voxe/shangtsung (right) at York Street Battles, Sydney.

Tune in to the Evo2012 stream at 1.00pm Australian EST on Monday 9th of July to follow Humanbomb as he fights on in SSF4:AE, and visit this forum thread on OzHadou for discussions and well-wishes for the Australians competing at Evo 2012.