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[ONLINE] Natsu Cup – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Round Robin Tournament – February 27th

Prepare to strike as Australia’s Third Strike community will be running an online round robin tournament on February 27th, bringing in a healthy dose of competition that will include seasoned veterans as well as the next generation of 3S players. Natsu Cup is the first of four online tournaments that will have 2 groups of 5 players, Group A and B, battling it out to make their way to the top of the ladder. The competition will commence on February 27th and will go on throughout the week.

At the conclusion of the event, the top player in each group will receive: 1 entry fee paid to any Australian fighting game major (Note: this does not include additional tournament entries, flights or accommodation), or a donation of $250 made out to a licensed charity of their choosing. The event will also have a promotion and relegation rule where the top 2 players from Group B will then qualify for Group A, while the bottom 2 players from Group A will no longer qualify for Group A and will be relegated to Group B.

Here are the players and the characters they will be using from each group:

Group A

Genxa (Yun)

Group B

RandomSDMF (Ken)

Matches will be played on the Fightcade platform, where the replays will then be uploaded to the Aussie Battlers YouTube channel during the week following the commencement of the tournament.

To stay updated on the Natsu Cup and all things 3S in Australia, or if you’d like to be a part of future online tournaments, make sure to join the AUS/NZ Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike fighters group on Facebook.

Check out the Natsu Cup Roster trailer and Group A player introduction video after the jump.


[Syd] $100 pot bonus for SF3:3S at OHN14


We’re excited to announce yet another DIY tournament pot bonus for the OzHadou Nationals 14 today. This time it’s for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, one of the most iconic fighting games of the OHN series. Dejan from Gold Coast Fighters is a big supporter of the game, and he’s throwing an extra $100 into the prize pool for 3S at OHN14.

There’s not much time left to register for OHN14, including the DIY tournaments. We need all DIY players to sign-up online this year so that we can minimise pool overlaps between official and DIY games. Make sure you register asap because our deadline of August 22nd, and player cap of 600 people, are both approaching fast.

Results Round-Up – March 5th-6th


Another big weekend of tournaments has come and gone, with brackets being run in Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne. This week’s Results Round-Up kicks off with top 3 results, photos and brackets from Brisbane’s annual fighting game event Button-Smash. Downsized to a single day, Button-Smash still delivered great prizes thanks to generous pot bonuses provided by the Gold Coast FGC group.

Button-Smash 2016 Results – March 6th

Street Fighter V
1st: Colonov (Karin)
2nd: NFG (Dhalsim, Nash)
3rd: Morbotrn (M.Bison)
Guilty Gear Xrd
1st: Ando
2nd: HunterSteven
3rd: SilverAsch
Full results and bracket

Top 3 for SF5 (left to right): NFG, Colonov and Morbotrn.
1st: HunterSteven
2nd: NoFun | Hero
3rd: Mantato
Full results and bracket
SFIII: 3rd Strike
1st: Taj Garou (Elena)
2nd: Glassy (Urien)
3rd: NFG (Chun-Li)

Top 3 for SF3:3S (left to right): Glassy, Taj Garou and NFG.
bs2016_crowd02 bs2016_crowd_01

Visit the Gold Coast FGC Facebook page for more photos from Button-Smash 2016.

After the jump we have top 3 results from the SF5 tournaments at Area 52 in Hobart and Over9k in Melbourne.


[Bris] Button-Smash 2016 – Pot Bonuses from GCFGC


Button-Smash 2016 is taking place on Sunday March 6th at GUF Brisbane. The Keep ‘et Classy crew recently made some announcements about the event. Neighbouring FGC community group Gold Coast FGC are providing some generous pot bonuses for both the Street Fighter V and SF3: Third Strike tournaments.

GCFGC will also be running a free-entry tournament for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (PC), with a prize on offer for the winner.

Note that players can only register online for this event, with the cut-off for registrations being Friday March 4th at 10pm. Visit the official website to register before the cut-off date and also learn more about Button-Smash 2016.

Cooperation Cup 14 – SF3:Third Strike


The infamous Cooperation Cup is set to return for its 14th iteration next weekend, the world’s largest Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament taking place from January 9th-10th in Tokyo. The format is a 5v5 team tournament, consisting of a round-robin group stage followed by a single elimination bracket. All matches are 1 game only, winner stays on until the opposing team has no more players.

Aussie Third Strike OG and OzHadou’s very own Genxa will be one of three Australians competing at the event and had this to say about Cooperation Cup:

To the hardcore Third Strike fans, the name Cooperation Cup is a household name in terms of one of the few remaining majors focusing solely on the 17 year old game. For players unfamiliar, Cooperation Cup is the longest running 3S major in the world and is generally held every January in Tokyo.

We wanted to bring some light to this amazing event to show the dedication of the Japanese arcade scene, where any game can thrive as long as there is a community that supports it. Along with a lot of outside nations, Australia will also have a few players in the mix.

As the title suggests, it is Cooperation Cup’s 14th year running (older than Ozhadou itself!) and it has only grown in size with each year.

Just like most majors held around the world these days, Cooperation Cup will be a 2-day event, but will actually consist of two separate tournaments with one on each respective day.

Genxa will be competing alongside fellow Aussies Yohei and Vladimir. Check after the jump for a full round-up of the weekend’s proceedings.