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PS4 arcade stick and fightpad round-up


Looking to pick up an arcade stick or pad for the new age of fighters? Community head Kyokugen helped us round-up everything you need to know about the next generation of fighting game controllers.

As we move forward into the next generation of games, the Playstation 4 is fast becoming the platform of choice for most fighters. PS4 sticks usually have the luxury of PS3 compatibility too by ways of a compatibility switch, good news for anybody still playing titles on the previous generation. The most current range of arcade sticks support touchpad functionality, though there are a range of PS4 models without. This should be factored into your purchase as touchpad functionality is utilised in the PS4 versions of MKX and SFV.

Hit the jump for Kyokugen’s rundown on recommended PS4 controller options for fighting game players, with a focus on tournament play within Australia.


OzHadou officially ends support for SFV Legacy Controllers on PS4


As of February 29th 2016, the Legacy Controllers option in Street Fighter V on Playstation 4 will no longer be supported in tournaments sanctioned by OzHadou. Given the time consuming nature of the setup process, combined with the high player count at recent events, this is a necessary step we are taking to make sure tournaments finish in a timely manner. Additionally, the legacy support brought a host of new issues for tournament staff including syncing issues with the DualShock4, which proved to be a huge issue with tournament setups.

The market for next generation sticks is ever-growing and for those that don’t want to make the jump, Brook Converters are also an option. If you’re a little lost as to what you’re options are, we’ll have an article on the site over the next couple of days rounding up some of the more popular options.

DualShock4 pads will still be permitted in OzHadou tournaments run on PS4, however players must sync the pad using a reliable recharge cable and then desync and delete the controller at the end of every tournament match. Anyone found interrupting tournament matches with a DualShock4 pad will face penalties including tournament disqualification, tournament bans and event bans.