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Player2 Article – Interview with Xavier ‘Somniac’ Nardella


One of Australia’s most successful Street Fighter IV players, Somniac is already off to a very strong start in Street Fighter V. The highest ranked M.Bison player online, Somniac placed an impressive equal 9th at Battle Arena Melbourne 8 and has his sights set on doing even better at the OzHadou Nationals 14 in August.

Adam Rorke from Stick Addiction caught up with Somniac after BAM8 to interview him for gaming webstie Player2. They covered a range of topics including Australia’s performance at BAM8 and the recently confirmed 8 frames of input lag in SF5 on PS4, a number large enough to fundamentally change how a fighting game is played at high levels.

Below we have an extract from the article discussing the input lag issue for SF5. Visit the Player2 website to read the rest of the article.

Adam: Have you seen the effects [of the input lag] in high-level comps at all yet?

Somniac: Yes definitely, players with a reactive style have changed how they approach the game. People are often talking about how punishable moves are going unpunished such as Ken’s run, but they aren’t considering that you cannot react to the variety of different options all at once. You need to expect that they will do the punishable option in order to deal with it.

If you are throwing enough options on the table that the person needs to look for, you can get away with moves that you usually shouldn’t be able to.