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MINDSCAPE: OHN11 Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce MINDSCAPE is a Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!
http://www.mindscape.com.au/ mindscape-software-australia


Mindscape are the distributor in Australia for both KONAMI and TECMO KOEI.  Not only do we have giveaways of the red hot new METAL GEAR RISING: REVEANGANCE, along with Pro Evo 2013 and Zone of The Enders HD, but we have copies of Team Ninja’s DEAD OR ALIVE 5 which is being played as a special side tournament on Saturday morning at OHN.

As a special bonus we are pleased to announce every DOA5 entrant will receive a code to download the latest DOA5 Costume back, free!


4 x Dead Or Alive 5
4 x Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
4 x Zone of the Enders HD Collection
4 x Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance
(2 of each on XBox, 2 on PS3)

DOA5 Costume DLC pack for each entrant in the DOA5 side tournament! (Limited to a generous player cap)




Many thanks to MINDSCAPE for their support of Ozhadou Nationals!

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Follow the MINDSCAPE Twitter @MINDSCAPEau

For info on the community and playing Dead or Alive 5, visit FreeStepDodge.com

BAM is this weekend!

Posters by Bosslogic!

As you guys probably know, BAM is this weekend!

Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of September 2012.

CQ, Event Room 2
123 Queen Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Pools for pre-registered players are up.

Don’t worry if you missed out on pre-registration you can still come sign up on the day. More information here:


Our press release is now available, it includes an overview of the event as well as a full set of sponsor announcements.

And we have new big sponsors and prizes on board!

  • AverMedia are providing over $1000 worth of prizes such as the the Game Broadcaster HD, Game Capture HD and Live Gamer HD.
  • Gamecom are supplying headsets and a $500 cash bonus to the prize pool.
  • Namco Bandai has come on board with a great prize pack: 10 Alisa Bosconovich Bishoujo statues and 10 Xbox360 copies of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Mindscape Asia Pacific the Australian distributor for Dead or Alive 5. will be providing three prize packs containing Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Dead or Alive 5, and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
  • Capcom will be providing T-shirts and copies of RESIDENT EVIL 6 to be part of the raffle.
  • Bethesda will be providing T-shirts and copies of the new game DISHONORED for the raffle.

Also, check out the player profiles that Kevin (Burnout) and I did as pre-BAM promotional material. Comedy and callouts galore.

Check them out on the CouchWarriors Youtube channel