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Cooperation Cup 14 – SF3:Third Strike


The infamous Cooperation Cup is set to return for its 14th iteration next weekend, the world’s largest Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament taking place from January 9th-10th in Tokyo. The format is a 5v5 team tournament, consisting of a round-robin group stage followed by a single elimination bracket. All matches are 1 game only, winner stays on until the opposing team has no more players.

Aussie Third Strike OG and OzHadou’s very own Genxa will be one of three Australians competing at the event and had this to say about Cooperation Cup:

To the hardcore Third Strike fans, the name Cooperation Cup is a household name in terms of one of the few remaining majors focusing solely on the 17 year old game. For players unfamiliar, Cooperation Cup is the longest running 3S major in the world and is generally held every January in Tokyo.

We wanted to bring some light to this amazing event to show the dedication of the Japanese arcade scene, where any game can thrive as long as there is a community that supports it. Along with a lot of outside nations, Australia will also have a few players in the mix.

As the title suggests, it is Cooperation Cup’s 14th year running (older than Ozhadou itself!) and it has only grown in size with each year.

Just like most majors held around the world these days, Cooperation Cup will be a 2-day event, but will actually consist of two separate tournaments with one on each respective day.

Genxa will be competing alongside fellow Aussies Yohei and Vladimir. Check after the jump for a full round-up of the weekend’s proceedings.


[Jpn] Mastercup 8 – November 22nd


It’s a big weekend for Tekken 7 fans. The 8th Mastercup is taking place in Tokyo this Sunday November 22nd. Mastercup uses a 5-on-5 format and features a massive 187 teams drawn from all around the world, including two teams from Australia (No.81 & No.91).


The tournament will be streamed live with English commentary via Twitch TV. Hit the jump for the official Japanese trailer, an embed of the English stream plus links to the corresponding Japanese and Korean stream channels.