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1000-0 in 15 Seconds: Interview with Nicola “Genkibot” Fraser

Before OHN11, predictions were cast about which states; which characters; which players would take out the titles. Come the weekend of the 23rd, things were going largely to plan. Then, on the Sunday, someone decided that he would break the script. Melbourne’s unassuming Juri specialist, Nicola “Genkibot” Fraser¬†would blow away the competition and take the crown in one of the biggest surprises of the weekend, and also one of the most impressive. We sit down with him to talk Feng Shui, god normals, South Park, and Breaking Bad.


Protector of Australia’s Skies: Interview with George “Afterdeath” Hu

Russia hasn’t seen this much love since Buranovskiye Babushki at Eurovision.

In the span of a month, Zangief has seen a dominating first/third place finish at sf25 Los Angeles, a top 5 at SBa, and on the local front, a first place finish at EB Expo Sydney, as well as a top 5 finish at Battle Arena Melbourne.¬†The man responsible for the latter two results, George “Afterdeath” Hu, sits down to talk about Vodka Gorbalsky, Beijing arcades, and a technique so unique that it was named after him: The George.