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I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E20 – The Tournaments (and Podcasts) Are On Fire


*Quick audio note: Unfortunately we had some pretty serious issues with audio this episode and had a lot of intermittent cuts. I edited out the silences but if the conversation jumps you know why! I recommend listening to the audio version this week as it’s paced a little better.

It’s 2017 and as our humble little scene grows and grows, a lot more global tournaments are going to continue to pop up. They were all pretty terrible in 2016, so we asked Lord Ziggy to join us to talk about how they can get the format right

Recorded January 19th, 2016 live @ Twitch.tv/Gamrah

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I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E06 – How I Became King (featuring ShangTsung)


The Habibos are joined by none other than the King of Street Fighter 4 in Australia, ShangTsung, to discuss his road to becoming the best as well as Street Fighter 4 locally and internationally, Street Fighter 5 and how he stayed on top while still being a family man.

Show notes

Genki PLZ

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I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E03 – Habibo pt. 2 (featuring Goodpart)


The Habibos are back with the second part of the Goodpart spectacular to talk arcade horror stories, FGC memes in the real world and the incredibly lucrative business of streaming Australian FGC tournaments.

Show notes:
Robmon(?) :


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Originally recorded October 21 2015.

Music by The Consouls:

OHN13 – Retrospectives


Another OzHadou Nationals is behind us. Many games were played, champions were crowned and the Australian fighting game community brought the hype. Let’s look back at OHN13 from a few different angles.

Albert “Pepito” Hong captured all the magic from the OHN debut of Mortal Kombat X in his video “OHN13 – MKX Moments”.

As soon as the crew from the I Don’t Even Podcast recovered from 3 days of OHN-madness they jumped into their debut/pilot episode to discuss how things went down.

Finally for everyone interested in match videos, the OHN13 streaming team – Goodpart, Barra and kyokugen – has been diligently uploading direct feed match footage to the OzHadou Youtube channel. This process is on-going so be sure to check back later if the games you’re looking for aren’t already available.