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Registration for BAM5 is now open!


Make sure you register early to guarantee your spot in the games you want to play. Pre-registration saves you money and time, and allows you to see your pool allocations several days before the event so you can prepare for your matchups!
There is no guarantee that you will be able to enter on the day if the pools fill up so please do yourself a favor and register now!

Also, be sure to check out the BAM5 exhibition matches thread or check out the discussion on the Facebook page. Friday night should be full of incredible excitement and prodigious amounts of salt.

The BOMB has been set!


Johnny “Humanbomb” Cheng, the BAM2010 and OHN9 Champion and Evo Top 8 Qualifier returns to reclaim his crown. The constant bane of Australia’s best in Super Street Fighter IV, this year Humanbomb is back to shake up the scene and bring out our very best performance!

Will Johnny’s Hong Kong technology be too much for Australia’s finest, or will the unstoppable threat finally be disarmed by the Australian bomb squad? One thing’s for sure, BAM5 is going to be one hell of a show as we find out how far our Street Fighters have truly come!





“Let’s have money matches… Show me the $$$” – Johnny “Humanbomb” Cheng



For more information and updates, visit the BAM5 website  or check the Facebook page.

Hong Kong VS Singapore: III (updated)

CrossCounter Asia is to hold their third “Hong Kong VS Singapore” SFIV team tournament which is comprised of 15 players per side making for a monster clash. There are a number of recognisable players doing battle here, though perhaps most appealing to us is former Sydney-sider Jonny “HumanBomb” Cheng who now resides in Hong Kong when he’s not attending tournaments around the globe.

As streams go to air the applet on OzHadou will link them automatically, however you can visit the hosting channel directly:

English Stream : http://www.twitch.tv/crosscounterasia
Cantonese Stream : http://www.twitch.tv/hongkongfighter 

The battle begins at 6.30am (Melb/Syd time), November 17th.

Each side has a wealth of strong players with a wide spread of characters rounding out a clash that ought to stretch out for a couple of hours. Read on for the promotional trailer courtesy of CrossCounter Asia and a run-down of each team’s members.


Aussies Shine at Evo2012

Day 1 has wrapped for Evo2012 with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition down to the final 8 competitors. First up, voxe/shangtsung from Sydney has achieved a fantastic Evo debut, making it all the way to equal 17th in a field of around 1,500 competitors from around the world. This continues voxe/shangtsung’s great run over the last 12 months, which includes 2nd place at both BAM2011 and OHNX.

The second great news is that multiple Australian title holder Humanbomb has made it all the way through to the final 8 in the Winners bracket! For years Australians have known that Humanbomb had the potential to go far in the international arena, and it’s wonderful to see him realising his potential.

Humanbomb (left) and voxe/shangtsung (right) at York Street Battles, Sydney.

Tune in to the Evo2012 stream at 1.00pm Australian EST on Monday 9th of July to follow Humanbomb as he fights on in SSF4:AE, and visit this forum thread on OzHadou for discussions and well-wishes for the Australians competing at Evo 2012.

Gamespot Crosshairs covers EVO APAC

Randolph from Gamespot AU came along to EVO APAC and interviewed the top 3 in Super Street Fighter IV: ToXY, Humanbomb and Daigo Umehara. The interviews are now online as part of the Gamespot Crosshairs series.

Gamespot AU Crosshairs with Daigo, Humanbomb and ToXY.

Thanks to Randolph and the Gamespot AU team for taking the time to come along to EVO APAC and for providing these excellent videos of the EVO APAC top players.

Remember that all 3 of these players will be competing at EVO 2010 very soon.