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GamespotAU Soul Calibur V tournament

To celebrate the release of Soul Calibur V, GamespotAU and Namco Bandai Partners are holding an elimination tournament in Sydney on the 25th of January 2012.

OzHadou will be supporting this event with FaYd and other OzHadou members on hand to help run the brackets. The winner of this tournament will be awarded an expenses-paid trip to Europe to represent Australia in Namco Bandai’s worldwide Soul Calibur V tournament in March 2012.

To register your interest, visit GamsepotAU’s website for the tournament and fill out the form before 19th January. Bracket spots are limited so make sure you register on time.

Gamespot Crosshairs covers EVO APAC

Randolph from Gamespot AU came along to EVO APAC and interviewed the top 3 in Super Street Fighter IV: ToXY, Humanbomb and Daigo Umehara. The interviews are now online as part of the Gamespot Crosshairs series.

Gamespot AU Crosshairs with Daigo, Humanbomb and ToXY.

Thanks to Randolph and the Gamespot AU team for taking the time to come along to EVO APAC and for providing these excellent videos of the EVO APAC top players.

Remember that all 3 of these players will be competing at EVO 2010 very soon.