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Fighting to the top: The Verge's Tracey Lien covers Shadowloo Showdown

Tracey Lien was one of the journalists to cover Shadowloo Showdown, and I saw her hard at work throughout the weekend interviewing the various international guests. After some months had passed I wondered what had become of her feature on Shadowloo Showdown, but it’s now evident that she has really put that time to good use.

Fighting to the top” is a really in-depth look at our scene and the various personalities that dominate at the highest level. It offers great insight into the community and why people approach fighting games and compete at them with such passion and dedication. It’s obvious she has put a lot of work into this article, especially when you consider her perspective from outside the fighting game community. It’s a great article, beautifully balanced between chapter concepts and player profiles, and you should definitely give it a read.