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I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E14 – OHN predictions LIVE tonight @ 8pm AEST


Tonight we’ll be debutting the first ever LIVE I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast! To celebrate OHN14 in just a couple of short days, we’ll be giving the first ever look at the final brackets  for the weekend along with our predictions live on the air. Come join the chat and tell us why we’re wrong from 8pm tonight. The normal show (and a new video archive!) will be up tomorrow

Watch live video from gamrah on www.twitch.tv

[SYD] OHN14 pot bonus and prize round-up


Majors are a fantastic time for the community to come together and celebrate all things fighting games and OzHadou Nationals 14 is no different. This year we have been very pleased to announce a string of pot bonuses and prizes for those who manage to place exceptionally well in their respective games. In case you’ve missed it, here’s a round-up of all the prizes we’ve received from our generous sponsors this year:

  • A Viewsonic VX2457 monitor for all official game winners
  • A Brook converter for all official game winners (see the full breakdown here)
  • A Consouls merch bundle featuring an EP, World 1 album and a t-shirt (more info here)
  • A Consouls World 1 CD for all DIY winners
  • Plantronics RIG500 headset for second place (we’re also giving some headsets away! more info here)
  • A $1500 pot bonus from Viewsonic Australia & New Zealand split between SFV, MKX, Tekken and VF
  • On the topic of pot bonuses, Pokken TournamentThird Strike and The King of Fighters tournaments are all receiving $100 pot bonuses, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator is receiving a $150 pot bonus and Super Smash Bros. Melee is also receiving a whopping $300 all thanks to their respective communities
  • Thanks to Sydney Smash and TO Daniel Cronau, The top 3 of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will win flights to DIAD2 in Perth next month (flights valued up to $230)

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to come and be a part of the event if you don’t have your eye on the top spot, this is just a little extra push to keep those lab hours up! Registration for OHN14 is still open, so if you haven’t registered you can still get in on the action!

[Syd] Pokken Tournament to receive $100 pot bonus at OHN14


Pokken players have a little something special in store at OzHadou Nationals 14 as today, tournament organiser Abi announced he will be adding a $100 to the pot of the DIY bracket. Additionally, should the bracket break 16 entrants, that pot bonus will be doubled.

If you’ve been holding off on getting involved with Pokken at OHN, this is as good as it’s going to get! You can add still register for Pokken (and OHN) here.

[SYD] OHN14 Commentator call


We’re on the lookout for Australia’s best and brightest commentators to assist us on the main stream throughout OzHadou Nationals 14. If you’d like to support your game and commentate, please feel free to get in touch via this survey. Applicants will be screened by the respective TOs and successful applicants will be contacted after registration closes on August 21st.

Note: This survey is not applicable to Smash titles, please get in touch with those TOs if you would like to commentate Smash titles.

And of course, this is only open to attendees so make sure you’ve registered for the event!

[USA] Australian Tekken 7 Match Videos from Evo 2016


Australia’s impressive contingent at Evolution 2016 included several enthusiastic Tekken 7 players. Over on the Australia Tekken Community Facebook group member Daniel Ng has compiled a list of Twitch archive links for key Australian player Tekken 7 matches at Evo. These include matches from the official tournament pool, some exhibition matches and a few casual games.

The full list is available in Daniel’s post on Facebook. Be sure to check out the matches before any Twitch archives expire.

[USA] Evo 2016 Round-Up – Streams, Brackets and Updates


This weekend fighting game players and fans around the world will be tuning-in to the live streams for Evolution 2016. As mentioned previously this is a huge event for the global FGC with players from around he world converging in Las Vegas, USA to crown this year’s Evo champions.

Below we have a summary of links people can check for information and live updates about Evo 2016. After the jump we also have embeds of all of the official Evo stream channels. Be sure to make some noise in the official AU FGC Facebook page to share the hype with the Australian scene as we cheer our players and favourites.

Hit the jump for the official stream links.


[USA] Evo 2016 Stream Schedule


Evolution 2016, the largest open-entry fighting game tournament in the world, is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas, USA. Players from around the globe will converge to determine this year’s Evo champions across 9 official tournament games. Evo 2016 is also the largest event in the Capcom Pro Tour with over 5,000 competitors for Street Fighter V alone.

The tournament organising body Shoryuken has announced the official stream schedule for Evo 2016. Below we’ve taken the Las Vegas times and converted them to AEST and AWST for the convenience of Australians looking forward to watching the tournament over the weekend.


We also have a summary of Australian players competing at Evo 2016 and you can also check out the official brackets online. Historically these have been slow to update so we’ll also provide links to the latest updates on Eventhubs and Shoryuken once these are available, along with embeds of all the official Twitch channels covering Evo 2016.

Australian EVO players


EVO 2016 is almost upon us and Australia is coming out in numbers this year. As the country with the 5th highest number of entrants, the FGC has done a fantastic job at putting us on the map at EVO 2016 in a big way. Hit the jump for the list of all Aussie players attending so you know who to look (and cheer) for.

We’ll provide more details on the EVO stream schedule for Australian time zones once they become available.