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OHN11 Media Wrapup

Media Coverage

As a recap of the coverage for Ozhadou Nationals 11, here are a selection of articles.

Pre-Event coverage

Shoryuken 1 and 2 / Event Hubs 1 and 2



Gamespot Post 1, Gamespot Post 2 (Added EVO Points information)

The Geek of Oz – Interview

PixelHunt – Interview

Games On Net – Player interviews and Preview

Event Coverage

OzHadou Nationals 11 Live Stream – GameSpot.com Stream Landing Page on Gamespot

Sunday eSports Whole Weekend Edition: OzHadou 11: Day One · games.on.net

Sunday eSports Whole Weekend Edition: OzHadou 11: Day Two · games.on.net

Sunday eSports Whole Weekend Edition: OzHadou 11: Day Three · games.on.net


Post Event Coverage

Dusty Cartridge – Ozhadou “Moments” Wrapup Video

EVO/Shoryuken – Results listing

Official Photography by Kientan

Social Media (Too Many to list)

Thanks to all media above plus Capcom Australia, AusGamerNetwork, Gamespot’s Zorine Te at the event and more.

Most importantly, thanks to all the players!  Make sure you visit all the sites above and comment, participate and read their articles – show the support of the Fighting Game Community.

Next event – #BAM5 –  CouchWarriorsBattle Arena Melbourne May 17-19!

Ozhadou Nationals 11 “Moments” from Dusty Cartridge

The fine folks at Dusty Cartridge visited Ozhadou Nationals 11 to capture some of the energy and excitement of a major fighting game event.

The wonderfully edited video below gives you a hint at what it’s like to be there.  Be sure to visit the Dusty Cartridge website and look to a further wrapup of OHN coverage here on the site.  Click the banner image to hit the site and view the video