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Results Round-Up – March 5th-6th


Another big weekend of tournaments has come and gone, with brackets being run in Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne. This week’s Results Round-Up kicks off with top 3 results, photos and brackets from Brisbane’s annual fighting game event Button-Smash. Downsized to a single day, Button-Smash still delivered great prizes thanks to generous pot bonuses provided by the Gold Coast FGC group.

Button-Smash 2016 Results – March 6th

Street Fighter V
1st: Colonov (Karin)
2nd: NFG (Dhalsim, Nash)
3rd: Morbotrn (M.Bison)
Guilty Gear Xrd
1st: Ando
2nd: HunterSteven
3rd: SilverAsch
Full results and bracket

Top 3 for SF5 (left to right): NFG, Colonov and Morbotrn.
1st: HunterSteven
2nd: NoFun | Hero
3rd: Mantato
Full results and bracket
SFIII: 3rd Strike
1st: Taj Garou (Elena)
2nd: Glassy (Urien)
3rd: NFG (Chun-Li)

Top 3 for SF3:3S (left to right): Glassy, Taj Garou and NFG.
bs2016_crowd02 bs2016_crowd_01

Visit the Gold Coast FGC Facebook page for more photos from Button-Smash 2016.

After the jump we have top 3 results from the SF5 tournaments at Area 52 in Hobart and Over9k in Melbourne.


[Bris] Button-Smash 2016 – Pot Bonuses from GCFGC


Button-Smash 2016 is taking place on Sunday March 6th at GUF Brisbane. The Keep ‘et Classy crew recently made some announcements about the event. Neighbouring FGC community group Gold Coast FGC are providing some generous pot bonuses for both the Street Fighter V and SF3: Third Strike tournaments.

GCFGC will also be running a free-entry tournament for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (PC), with a prize on offer for the winner.

Note that players can only register online for this event, with the cut-off for registrations being Friday March 4th at 10pm. Visit the official website to register before the cut-off date and also learn more about Button-Smash 2016.

[Bris] Button-Smash 2016 – March 6th


Great news for the Brisbane fighting game community – Button-Smash 2016 is still taking place in early March! Organising group Keep ‘et Classy recently announced cancellation of this major due to low registrations. Keep ‘et Classy has since reviewed the situation and downsized to a smaller venue over a single day.

Date: Sunday, March 6th
Time: 10:00am – 11:30pm
Location: GUF Brisbane, 281 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Entry Fee: $15 for competitor passes plus $10 per tournament

Pre-registrations are still available via the official website which includes details about the new venue and the tournament games on offer, including SF5, GGXrd, BlazBlue CPE and SSB4.

[Bris] Button-Smash 2016 – Cancelled


Today Tulf from Keep ‘et Classy announced that the Brisbane major tournament Button-Smash was cancelled for 2016. Button-Smash was scheduled to take place on March 5th-6th, however the decision was made to cancel due to low registration numbers.

Here is the announcement from Tulf that appeared on the Button-Smash event page:

Hey everyone. With 3 weeks outside of the tournament and with under 10 entrants I’m quite devastated to announce we will be pulling the plug on BS for this year. However this isn’t the end of the tournament that weekend.

I’d like to run a larger scale tournament than our usual biweeklies. We will be relocating to guf for this and entry price will be lowered dramatically. If you have already paid the difference will be refunded.

Tournaments to be ran will be:
SFV, blazblue, guilty gear and smash if theres interest for it. I understand smash has frequent meets already.

With our partnership with guf in place sfv will hopefully be ran on pc. We will be testing on release to make sure its stable and able for tournament.
I’m extremely sorry to those looking forward to a major tournament, I’m quite devestated and this decision doesn’t come lightly.

Aaron “Tulf” Costello

This is sad news for everyone that was looking forward to Button-Smash. Fortunately a downsized event may happen in place of Button-Smash. We’ll provide details of this event once they have been formally announced by Keep ‘et Classy.

[Bris] Button-Smash 2016 – March 5th-6th


The first Australian fighting game major for 2016 has been announced! Button-Smash returns in March, organised by the Keep ‘et Classy crew, and will be the first major to feature Street Fighter V alongside many other popular titles. Boasting a new venue to go with the fresh line-up, Button-Smash is shaping up to be a great start to 2016 for the Australian FGC.

Check out the Button-Smash announcement trailer below, then visit the official website where registration is already open.

Date: Saturday, March 5th – Sunday, March 6th
Time: 9:00am – 11:00pm each day
Location: The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD 4072
Entry Fee: $30 for competitor passes plus $10 per tournament

For all the latest news and details visit the official Button-Smash event page. A full list of tournament games announced to date is available after the jump.


[Bris] BSB USF4 Tournament – November 15th


The Brisbane community is back in action with the return of their BSB tournaments for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Things have been quiet in Brisbane recently so if you’re in the area and keen for some USF4 be sure to drop into GUF Brisbane to check this out.

Date: Sunday, November 15th
Time: 11:30am
Location: GUF Brisbane, 281 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006

For all the details regarding this tournament, including online registration, visit the official tournament page.