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[Syd/Melb] OHN14 and BAM8 are Ranking Events for Capcom Pro Tour 2016


Today Capcom announced details for the Capcom Pro Tour 2016. The Capcom Pro Tour offers players all around the world the opportunity to qualify for one of 32 coveted spots in the Capcom Cup Finals for Street Fighter V. This year the tour includes a massive 72 events across four regions worldwide.

The great news for the Australian fighting game community is that two of the ranking events in this year’s tour are based in Australia: Battle Arena Melbourne 8 and the OzHadou Nationals 14!


BAM8, OHN14 and other Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Events will give competitors the chance to win ranking points needed to qualify for a place in the Capcom Cup Finals. Winners of Street Fighter V at each event will also be sent to the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals in South Korea – a CPT Premier event where the winner will earn a direct qualification into the Capcom Cup Finals.

Battle Arena Melbourne 8
Dates: Friday May 13th – Sunday May 15th
Location: Melbourne (venue TBA)

OzHadou Nationals 14
Dates: Friday August 26th – Sunday August 28th
Location: Sydney (venue TBA)

As always OzHadou will provide the latest news regarding BAM8, OHN14 and the progress of Australian players in CPT2016 as it becomes available. Meanwhile you can learn more about the Capcom Pro Tour 2016 by visiting the following websites:

BAM 2012 – Grand Finals HD Captures (various games)

Melbourne’s Burnout has started an ongoing thread on the OzHadou forums that has a run-down of BAM 2012’s grand finals and top eight matches for each game that was featured at the tournament. There’s a great collection of match videos here showcasing some of Australia’s stronger players who managed to cut through to the finals for their respective games.

Currently Burnout has SFIV and TTT2 up for grabs with VF5, SF3, KOF, DOA5, Marvel and SC5 coming soon. Be sure to check in on Burnout’s thread in the coming days to catch everything. Special thanks also to Team Bugs for capturing BAM’s match footage over the tournament weekend.

SFxT and UMvC3 Playable at BAM 2011

The organisers of Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) have secured builds of Capcom’s eagerly anticipated new fighting games: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken.

This is a very rare opportunity for Australian players to sample these games prior to their release. BAM will also feature the usual line-up of tournament games, plenty of casual play and their new community awards.

BAM is taking place in Melbourne on the 1st-2nd of October 2011. For more information visit the BAM website or check out the BAM thread on the OzHadou forums.