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[Adel] SXC2016 Updates – December 2nd-4th


The last Australian major fighting game tournament of the year, Southern Cross Championships (SXC) 2016, is taking place in Adelaide in 3 weeks. Online registration will close on Sunday November 20th. After this date registration will only be available at the event, so players looking to enjoy early bird discounts and avoid long registration queues are encouraged to register online before the cut-off date.

The South Australian Fighting Game Community (SAFGC) is again putting on a massive line-up of games for SXC, with 20 tournaments listed on the official registration page. There are also thousands of dollars in pot bonuses provided by various sponsors, details of which can be found on the SAFGC Facebook page.

Date: Friday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 4th
Location: Adelaide UniBar, Victoria Drive, Gate 10, Level 5, Union House, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005
Entry Fee: see the registration website for details.

For additional information about this event, visit the official SXC website.

[Syd] OHN14 Tournament Brackets and Stream Channels


The 14th OzHadou Nationals kicks off in less than 2 days! We have some more important updates for everyone following OHN14: the official tournament brackets and stream channels for our premier 3-day fighting game event.

Tournament Brackets

The tournament brackets are now available! All Smash Bros. game brackets, including Project M and SSB64, are available in smash.gg while the rest of the brackets can be found in the OzHadou Challonge page.

You can also view a summary of your pool allocations and times by visiting the OHN14 competitors page.

Official Tournament Brackets

DIY Tournament Brackets

Official Streams for OHN14

Here are all the Twitch channels that will be live-streaming the action at OHN14 this weekend.

SFV Pools, Sunday Finals (SFV, Tekken 7, MKX, VF5) twitch.tv/ozhadou
Tekken 7 Pools twitch.tv/yiggs_au
VF5 and MKX Pools twitch.tv/gilbagz
Smash Channel #1 twitch.tv/sydneysmash
Smash Channel #2 twitch.tv/sydneysmash2
DIY Channel #1 – GG/KOF twitch.tv/megadarve
DIY Channel #2 – 3S/ST twitch.tv/gamrah

Whether you’re watching on stream or in the Australian Ballroom at Menzies Sydney we look forward to your participation in OHN14 this weekend.

[Syd] OHN14 – Important Tekken 7 Rules Update


As we’ve highlighted previously, since Tekken 7 won’t be released on consoles or PC until early 2017, we are only able to include Tekken 7 in the official line-up for OHN14 thanks to generous support from Bandai Namco Australia. They’ll be bringing two head-to-head tournament stations for Tekken 7 using arcade hardware plus an additional setup featuring the Fated Retribution update for casual play.

Since the Tekken 7 tournament stations rely on arcade hardware we are unable allow players to BYO controllers for the Tekken 7 tournament. Efforts were made to relax this constraint however we were recently informed this could not be achieved. Instead all competitors must play their Tekken 7 matches using one of the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai arcade sticks provided by Bandai Namco.

The official tournament rules have been updated to reflect this controller constraint for Tekken 7. We apologise for the lateness of this announcement and for any adverse impact it may have on competitors expecting to play in the Tekken 7 tournament using a game pad.

Registration for OHN14 closes on Monday August 22nd and right now we’re 62 passes away from our 600 pass cap. Please register before we run of time or passes to avoid missing out.

How To Tournament – The Beginner’s Guide to Major Events

OHN 14 is coming and with a slew of new games coming out in the last year, this is likely to be the first major tournament for a lot of new players. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your tournament experience.


OHN registration closes on August 22nd. If you haven’t registered by then, you aren’t playing. No exceptions. Get it done.

Hit the jump for the rest of the guide.

[Syd] OHN14 – Accommodation Tips and Tekken 7 Update


We have some important news to share regarding the Tekken 7 tournament at the OzHadou Nationals 14 and some tips regarding accommodation for people looking to make the most of their time during the OHN14 weekend.

Tekken 7 – Official Tournament

Tekken is an OHN staple, forming a major part of the official tournament line-up since the debut of Tekken 5 at OHN4 in 2005. This year Bandai Namco Australia is helping us to keep this tradition going by bringing Tekken 7 to OHN14 ahead of the game’s console release in early 2017.

At one point we had hoped to use the Fated Retribution update for OHN14, however we’ve received word that Bandai Namco will be providing us with “vanilla” Tekken 7. This will be the one and only OHN title for arcade Tekken 7 and we’re eagerly looking forward to see who will take the Australian Tekken crown at OHN14.

Accommodation Tips

With early bird discounts for OHN14 ending on Monday August 1st and 165 people already registered, over 60 of which are travelling from interstate or overseas, many people will be working on their accommodation plans for this year’s OzHadou Nationals.

As mentioned on the OHN14 website, our host venue The Menzies Sydney Hotel is offering discounts for OHN attendees that call direct to book accommodation*. If The Menzies is outside your budget, consider sharing a room or look around the CBD for one of many nearby alternatives. Since The Menzies is opposite Wynyard station, accommodation near a CBD train station is an excellent alternative.

While the ballroom at the Menzies is much larger than past OHN venues, it’s much smaller than the BAM8 venue. We’re expecting up to 500 people at OHN14 and this means space will be scarce during the many pools running on Saturday – both official and DIY. If required we will be limiting casual play and spectator space during Saturday pools, so people will need to be elsewhere until their pool starts. That could mean exploring the surrounding area, going out for some food or heading back to your room for casuals or some sleep.

With this in mind plan ahead and book accommodation that will keep your options open should we be forced to limit access to the venue during pools on Saturday.

*See the OHN14 website for details on how to access the discount offer from The Menzies Sydney Hotel.

[Adel] Southern Cross Championships 2016 – December 2nd-4th


The Southern Cross Championships (SXC) is an annual fighting game major organised by the South Australian Fighting Game Community (SAFGC). SAFGC recently announced the dates for SXC2K16. This will be the fourth iteration of SXC and as usual it’ll round-out the Australian majors circuit for the year.

It’s very early days for SXC2K16 news. Here are the dates and venue for the tournament.

Date: Friday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 4th
Location: Adelaide UniBar, Victoria Drive, Gate 10, Level 5, Union House, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005

The game line-up is still being determined. After a year of local and major tournaments, including our nation’s first ever contributions to the Capcom Pro Tour, SXC will be Australia’s opportunity to crown national champions across multiple fighting games for 2016.

Check out the official SXC2K16 event page for current details and keep an eye on the SAFGC Facebook page for all the latest news and announcements for SXC2K16.

[Syd] OzHadou Nationals 14 – August 26th-28th


OHN returns! The OzHadou Nationals are Australia’s longest running fighting game tournament series and OzHadou’s premier annual event.

This year marks the 14th OHN tournament and it’s going to be one of the biggest on record. Here are the first round of major announcements for OHN14:

  • Final Australian 2016 event in Capcom Pro Tour Asia for Street Fighter V.
  • Super Smash Bros. returns to OHN with official singles and doubles tournaments for both WiiU and Melee.
  • The first Australian major tournament for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution with arcade setups provided by Bandai Namco.
  • Major tournaments for popular York Street Battles games Mortal Kombat XL and Virtua Fighter 5: Finals Showdown.
  • Large new venue in the Sydney CBD to accommodate more participants and spectators than ever before!

Date: Friday, August 26th – Sunday, August 28th
Location: Australia Ballroom, Level 1, The Menzies Sydney, 14 Carrington St, Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fees: $10 per tournament plus venue entry of $60 (discounts available – see below); spectators $10 each
Website: ohn.ozhadou.net

OHN features mandatory online registration for all attendees. Registration is now open – visit the OHN registration page to purchase your pass. Competitors that register by July 31st will receive a $10 discount on venue entry and have the chance to purchase an official, limited-run OHN14 t-shirt.

To find out more about OHN14 visit the official OHN website and keep up with the latest OHN news here or via the OzHadou social media channels on Facebook & Twitter.

[Melb] BAM8 – International Players, Salty Suite and more


Battle Arena Melbourne 8 is almost here! This weekend the Capcom Pro Tour descends on Melbourne for the first of two Australian CPT Asia ranking events in 2016. Almost 600 people have registered for this event and with on-the-day registration available for some games that number is likely to keep growing.

In recent BAM news Razer Xian, EG Momochi, MJS Haitani and Mago-san have been announced as competitors for BAM8, providing a rare chance for Australians to experience world-class in person.

bam8_internationals International competitors coming to BAM8
(clockwise from top left):

  • Mago-san
  • EG Momochi
  • Razer Xian
  • MJS Haitani

An extra event has recently been announced as part of BAM8: the Salty Suite. Taking place in the Melbourne CBD this Thursday, the Salty Suite will provide players a chance to get in some games with the international Smash Bros. competitors ahead of time. This bonus event is being run by BAM8 organisers CouchWarriors.

BAM8 – Salty Suite
Date: Thursday, May 12th
Time: 5:30pm (or 12.00pm for people with Early Access)
Location: Games Laboratory, 328 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Full details for the Salty Suite are available via the official event page.

UPDATE: All the pool assignments for BAM8 are now available online! Check them out at the official smash.gg page for BAM8.

Finally the brackets for Tekken 7 at BAM8 are now available on Facebook. There’s a great $1,000 pot bonus up for grabs courtesy of Bandai Namco Australia so if you’re in the T7 tournament make sure you know what you’ll be up against.

[Melb] BAM8 – Schedule, Tekken 7 $1k Pot Bonus


Time is running out to register for Battle Arena Melbourne 8. People have until Saturday May 7th to register online. Numbers are on track to break 400 competitors, continuing BAM’s undisputed position as Australia’s largest fighting game major.

As mentioned previously, Bandai Namco are bringing arcade cabinets to BAM8 for Tekken 7. They also recently announced a $1,000 pot bonus for T7 making this the biggest prize pool for a Tekken tournament in recent memory. The top 4 in Tekken 7 will receive cash prizes so if you’re a serious Tekken competitor this is one tournament you can’t afford to miss!

The official BAM8 schedule has also been released. Click the images below for a closer look at the times set for the various tournament pools and finals throughout the BAM8 weekend.


Super Smash Bros. Schedule.

“Traditional” Fighting Games Schedule.

Remember to keep an eye on the CouchWarriors Facebook page for the latest updates on BAM and other Melbourne FGC activities.

[Melb] BAM8 – Trailer, Online Registration Closing


Battle Arena Melbourne 8 is almost here! In less than 2 weeks Melbourne’s premier fighting game major will take place at CQ Functions. Spanning 3 days this Capcom Pro Tour ranking event and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Battle Royal qualifier will be one of the biggest fighting game events in Australia this year.

If you’re still on the fence about BAM8, check out the recently released trailer from organisers CouchWarriors.

Online registrations will be closing this Saturday May 7th, after which attendees will incur a $10 venue entry surcharge and likely wait in long queues when registering on the day. Official tournaments for Smash Bros. can only be entered via online registration, so for some pre-registration will be critical.

Check out the details on the official BAM8 website and follow the directions provided.