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Australian Tekken Community Tribute by Bukk


Another great AUFGC focused video has surfaced over the last couple of days, this time highlighting not just OHN14 but Australian Tekken as a whole. The Tekken community is one of the most notoriously hype scenes in Australia and Bukk has put together a fantastic montage of the many faces and events the Tekken community has been a part of over the last 5 years. Check it out below.

Results Round-Up – December 1st-12th


The 2015 Australian majors might be over but the local tournaments keep coming. There’s been a flurry of tournament activity around the country in early December. Here we round-up four of these tournaments starting with the very first Australian Tekken 7 tournament that went down in Sydney yesterday.

Tekken 7 – Sydney, December 12th

1) 4LCH3M1ST (Kazumi)
2) ZEP (Devil Jin)
3) Lazy Dave (Shaheen, Lucky Chloe)
3) Handsomeboi123 (Feng, Xiaoyu)

A great turnout for this arcade tournament which included prizes provided by Bandai Namco.


Top 4 for Tekken 7: Handsomeboi123, 4LCH3M1ST, ZEP, & Lazy Dave.

Hit the jump for results from Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


[Syd] Tekken 7 Tournament – December 12th


FaYd will be running Australia’s first ever tournament for Tekken 7 next weekend. This will be held at City Amusements arcade in Market City, Haymarket. This is a great opportunity for Tekken players to book some time on the Tekken 7 cabinets whilst seeing how Sydney’s best players are approaching the latest entry in the Tekken series.

Date: Saturday, December 12th
Time: 3:00pm sign-ups for a 4.00pm start
Location: City Amusements, Level 3, Market City Shopping Centre, 9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $2

Note that this is a single elimination tournament due to the limited number of cabinets available. FaYd is a veteran tournament organiser and has been running the Tekken brackets at OHN for many years so participants will be in excellent hands.

For full details about this tournament and other Australian Tekken activity visit the Australian Tekken Community Facebook page.