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Player2 Article – Interview with Xavier ‘Somniac’ Nardella


One of Australia’s most successful Street Fighter IV players, Somniac is already off to a very strong start in Street Fighter V. The highest ranked M.Bison player online, Somniac placed an impressive equal 9th at Battle Arena Melbourne 8 and has his sights set on doing even better at the OzHadou Nationals 14 in August.

Adam Rorke from Stick Addiction caught up with Somniac after BAM8 to interview him for gaming webstie Player2. They covered a range of topics including Australia’s performance at BAM8 and the recently confirmed 8 frames of input lag in SF5 on PS4, a number large enough to fundamentally change how a fighting game is played at high levels.

Below we have an extract from the article discussing the input lag issue for SF5. Visit the Player2 website to read the rest of the article.

Adam: Have you seen the effects [of the input lag] in high-level comps at all yet?

Somniac: Yes definitely, players with a reactive style have changed how they approach the game. People are often talking about how punishable moves are going unpunished such as Ken’s run, but they aren’t considering that you cannot react to the variety of different options all at once. You need to expect that they will do the punishable option in order to deal with it.

If you are throwing enough options on the table that the person needs to look for, you can get away with moves that you usually shouldn’t be able to.

Upgrading an Xbox 360 TE FightStick to Brook Universal Fighting Board


With the arrival of Street Fighter V, Australian fighting game players are looking for ways to compete in PS4 tournaments for the game with their own controller. For those that prefer arcade sticks, convenient, affordable options are in short supply. Taiwanese company Brook recently released a universal PCB which allows people to convert an existing arcade stick for direct, simple use across multiple consoles.

Stick Addiction member BeefyGoodness ordered some of these PCBs and has documented his experience installing one into a Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick for the Xbox 360. After the jump Beefy takes us through the mod process step-by-step.

If you have any questions about the mod, you can contact Ben Vanzino (BeefyGoodness) via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.


Red Bull Article – SF5: What Aussie Pros Think


Capcom and QVS recently held their official Australian pre-release party for Street Fighter V in Sydney. A number of top Australian players were invited to the event and Red Bull was also there to cover the launch.

Below we have an excerpt from the article. Visit the Red Bull website for more on how Somniac, ZG, Burnout and Googie felt about the game at the time of the launch party.

“This game is probably Capcom’s first major entry into esports,” Somniac told us. “Street Fighter IV kind of got there, but not in the way it will with Street Fighter V. So I think what’s really exciting about this game is what comes in the future. All the esports teams, all the opportunities. We have two Capcom Pro Tour events in Australia with OHN (OzHadou Nationals) and BAM (Battle Arena Melbourne). So we have two opportunities to get Australians into the Pro tour, which means more exposure for our scene and more people coming out.”

Kotaku Article – How To Get Better At Fighting Games


There’s no shortage of tournament match videos available for fighting game fans to digest. While online promotion of the competitive fighting game scene attracts plenty of attention, tournament matches only highlight the end of a competitive player’s journey, leaving new players uncertain about where to start when trying to improve themselves.

With new titles like SF5 and Tekken 7 expected to bring new players into the community this year, Kotaku Australia has taken the opportunity to publish a player’s guide to improving your play. The article is written by Adam Rorke, a prominent member of the Stick Addiction group in Canberra.

Below is an extract from Adam’s article. You can read the rest over at Kotaku Australia

So you like fighting games. They’re great to muck around with amongst friends and can provide many hours of excitement and smack talk. But when you watch the Daigo’s and Momochi’s of the world, you might wonder just how the heck does one get that good?

It’s a question I see quite often get thrown around by new comers to my local fighting game club (FGC). And with so many buzzwords thrown around, it can often feel overwhelming and off-putting and many usually give up before they can even get started.

But don’t give up — if you have a love for a specific fighter, that’s all you really need to get started. The following are some general tips to sharpen those skills and get you cranking out some solid wins before you know it!