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PS4 arcade stick and fightpad round-up


Looking to pick up an arcade stick or pad for the new age of fighters? Community head Kyokugen helped us round-up everything you need to know about the next generation of fighting game controllers.

As we move forward into the next generation of games, the Playstation 4 is fast becoming the platform of choice for most fighters. PS4 sticks usually have the luxury of PS3 compatibility too by ways of a compatibility switch, good news for anybody still playing titles on the previous generation. The most current range of arcade sticks support touchpad functionality, though there are a range of PS4 models without. This should be factored into your purchase as touchpad functionality is utilised in the PS4 versions of MKX and SFV.

Hit the jump for Kyokugen’s rundown on recommended PS4 controller options for fighting game players, with a focus on tournament play within Australia.


Upgrading an Xbox 360 TE FightStick to Brook Universal Fighting Board


With the arrival of Street Fighter V, Australian fighting game players are looking for ways to compete in PS4 tournaments for the game with their own controller. For those that prefer arcade sticks, convenient, affordable options are in short supply. Taiwanese company Brook recently released a universal PCB which allows people to convert an existing arcade stick for direct, simple use across multiple consoles.

Stick Addiction member BeefyGoodness ordered some of these PCBs and has documented his experience installing one into a Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick for the Xbox 360. After the jump Beefy takes us through the mod process step-by-step.

If you have any questions about the mod, you can contact Ben Vanzino (BeefyGoodness) via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.