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Results Round-Up 2015 – Ultra Street Fighter IV


More than 7 years have passed since Street Fighter IV arrived in arcades around the world. Thanks to unprecedented long-term support from publisher Capcom SF4 has been one of the most lucrative entries in the franchise’s history. A lot has happened in Australia since the arrival of SF4. We’ve had 7 Battle Arena Melbourne tournaments, 6 Shadowloo Showdowns, 7 OzHadou Nationals (OHN7-OHN13) and one-shot events like EVO APAC which were powered entirely by SF4. We’ve seen the rise of Button Smash, the launch of the Southern Cross Championships and more local tournaments and leagues than I’m prepared to count.

One Fei Long player who has seen just about all of it is Goodpart. Hailing from Sydney, Goodpart should be a familiar name to anyone that has tuned into Australian streams to watch SF4. For years he’s shared his enthusiasm and analysis of this series with thousands of viewers and his commentary is held in high regard by a global audience that isn’t shy with its criticism.

After the jump Goodpart runs us through the 2015 results for Ultra SF4 in Australia and reflects on where the AU FGC is headed in 2016. We also provide a summary of results for the year and offer our nominations for the AU MVPs of 2015.

Results Round-Up 2015 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2


The long-awaited sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament, TTT2 arrived in arcades just over 4 years ago. With Tekken 7 already out in arcades the console tournament scene for TTT2 went through a steep decline in 2015. Even though the game was only featured at three of the Australian majors this year the brackets were all stacked and well-supported thanks to numerous top players from South Korea coming here to compete.

The Tekken series has long been a staple at the OzHadou Nationals, ever since OHN4 where Tekken 5 was the main event, with numbers easily eclipsing support for the ageing Capcom titles available at the time. Since then the Tekken community has continued to support their adopted nationals with enthusiasm and OHN13 was no exception, with over 50 competitors coming to Sydney for a shot at the last national title for TTT2.

FaYd is a veteran of the Australian Tekken scene, running many tournaments in Sydney including most of the brackets for Tekken at OHN over the years. Hit the jump for FaYd’s round-up of the final year for TTT2 in the Australian majors circuit, along with a summary of results and our pick for the AU TTT2 MVP of 2015.

Results Round-Up 2015 – Mortal Kombat X


In 2105 Mortal Kombat X took its place alongside major tournament fixtures like Street Fighter and Tekken. It’s been a long road to AU FGC success for NetherRealm Studios. While MK 2011 provided a solid starting point, issues with game classifications in Australia kept the scene underground. Players first emerged at AU tournaments with the release of Injustce: Gods Among Us and the AU NRS scene has since risen to prominence with the arrival of MKX in April.

Gilbagz is a competitive MKX player, co-host of The Friendly Alliance Podcast and chief tournament organiser for MKX in Sydney, covering both YSB and OHN. After the jump Gilbagz reflects on AU MKX for 2015 . We also provide a summary of results and make our pick for the AU MKX MVP of 2015.

Results Round-Up 2015 – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


It’s just over 4 years since the release of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The latest entry in the Marvel series has enjoyed considerable tournament support in Australia, certainly more than we saw back in the days of its predecessor MvC2. Sadly Capcom’s support for the game ended a few years back, due to the licensing complexities and constraints that come with a game involving Marvel’s brand. Players have drifted away from the game as expected, yet even in 2015 the top players made the effort to travel and compete, ensuring that UMvC3 would continue to make noise in the way that only the Marvel Vs. games can.

The appeal of the Marvel series transcends many of the game-specific divides within the AU FGC. FaYd from Sydney is best known for his contributions to the Tekken scene and he exhibits a passion for Marvel some might not expect. After the jump FaYd rounds-up the 2015 Australian majors circuit for UMvC3 and we provide a summary of results along with our picks for the AU UMvC3 MVPs of 2015.

Results Round-Up 2015 – The King of Fighters XIII


The King of Fighters is one of the longest running fighting game series in the world, even before considering the various SNK-Playmore fighting game brands that contribute to the KOF character roster. Even so the KOF series only managed to break into the line-up of Australian major tournaments with the arrival of KOFXIII.

Now that 4 years have passed since the console release of KOFXIII and a sequel is on the way, Australian KOFXIII tournament numbers have been in decline during 2015. This hasn’t deterred the top Australian players who continued to travel the country vying for the coveted title of KOFXIII AU champion.

Brisbane’s Colonov has been an avid supporter of KOFXIII, repeatedly putting in strong performances at tournaments including taking 1st place at OHN13. After the jump Colonov reflects on what is likely KOFXIII’s final year in the official line-up for the Australian majors circuit. We also provide a summary of results and our pick for the AU KOFXIII MVP of 2015.

Gold Coast FGC Results Round-Up 2015


Since the arrival of Ultra Street Fighter IV in mid-2014, the Gold Coast FGC has held 10 tournaments for the game, 7 of which have taken place in 2015. This consistency has made the Gold Coast one of the most active offline scenes for USF4 in QLD. Taj Garou has sent us a summary of top 3 results for the GC FGC USF4 tournaments of 2015, including links to match videos and photos of some of the local champions.

Full details are available after the jump.


Results Round-Up 2015 – Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-


The Guilty Gear series made its return to the AU FGC tournament scene in 2015 with the console release of GGXrd. While the game has yet to establish a strong foothold in Sydney, its popularity nationwide is substantial. GGXrd tournaments were held at all five Australian majors in 2015 and also had a prominent place in the CouchWarriors 2015 Ranbat season.

Javi is a competitive GGXrd player from Melbourne with an impressive record, having emerged at the top of the CouchWarriors Ranbat ladder and placing an impressive 4th behind the international competition at Shadowloo Showdown 6. It looks like 2015 has laid the foundations for some truly epic match-ups in 2016, and with Revelator on the way there’s a lot to look forward to for AU GGXrd players.

Hit the jump for Javi’s summary of AU GGXrd for 2015, along with top player results and our pick for the AU GGXrd MVP of 2015.

Results Round-Up 2015 – Super Street Fighter II Turbo


As we approach the end of the year OzHadou is looking back through the Australian tournament archives of 2015 to see which players came out on top across the various major titles. We’ve also invited tournament organisers and players to give us their summary of how 2015 unfolded.

We begin with one of the oldest fighting games still being played competitively in Australia. Super Street Fighter II Turbo was released into arcades in 1994. Even after 22 years and multiple sequels to the Street Fighter franchise, ST still enjoys the support of the AU FGC. Melbourne’s SpiderCarnage once again toured the country running DIY ST tournaments at four of the Australian majors.

Hit the jump for SpiderCarnage’s rundown of AU ST for 2015, along with top 3 results and our pick for the AU ST MVP of 2015.