[SYD] York Street Battles #57 Results

Despite a the smaller turnout, thank you to everyone who came out and supported as always. Here are the full results from the weekend:

Street Fighter V
1st) WP Bug
2nd) AwildLLAMA
3rd) bksama
Dragon Ball FighterZ
1st) bksama
2nd) Dailou
3rd) Reckdaddy
Injustice 2
1st) VS.DS Waz
2nd) OZH Gilbagz
3rd) Coletrain
Mortal Kombat XL
1st) VS.DS Waz
2nd) Coletrain
3rd) OZH Gilbagz
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
1st) Audacity
2nd) Blackwind
3rd) Risky / CrazyDiamond
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
1st) OH Kyokugen
2nd) GachaForce Firery
3rd) Gatekeeper of NSW Anime
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
1st) Risky / CrazyDiamond
2nd) WPbusydizzybizzy
3rd) Eterpay (Project_Munt)
Super Street Fighter II X
1st) OzH Genxa
2nd) Hugo
3rd) Taj Garou

As always, you catch the stream archives over on the OzHadou YouTube page. See everyone at the next YSB – coming a little sooner than usual on March 10! Official announcement and registration will be open early next week!