[SYD] York Street Battles #50 Results


With pot bonuses, interstaters and an ever increasing lineup of games, YSB’s half century was an impressive day out. As always a special thank you once again must go to Bandai Namco Australia for their support with Tekken 7, as well as everyone who brought additional setups and helped with running brackets on the day.  Here are the full results from the weekend:

Street Fighter V
1st) BKSama
2nd) Yunus
3rd) DD
4th) SpaceGhost
5th) Alex K
5th) Like Ross
7th) Bug
7th) KG
The King of Fighters XIV
1st) Kyokugen
2nd) Chen
3rd) Cabjoy
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
1st) Chill
2nd) MadeMan
3rd) Jihoon
4th) Toto
5th) DJB
5th) Genxa
7th) Animal Jacky
7th) Hugo
Mortal Kombat X
1st) DS | Wazminator
2nd) OZH | Gilbagz
3rd) Vlad
4th) Cabjoy
5th) DrAwesome
5th) Saggat83
7th) Coletrain
7th) Lioncox
 Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
1st) Crocop
2nd) Dee-on
3rd) Box
4th) ZEP
5th) Cruise Control
7th) Handsomeboy123
7th) Hooligan
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
1st) Ceraph
2nd) AwakenedBeing
3rd) Esera
4th) Prods
5th) Hugo
5th) Ichijin
7th) Yam
7th) 39 Firery
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
1st) 39 Firery
2nd) Runis
3rd) AwakenedBeing
4th) Esera
5th) Ceraph
5th) Prods
7th) Kyokugen
7th) Ichijin
Super Smash Bros. Melee
1st) Rainbow
2nd) Sora
3rd) Zxv
4th) Tid
5th) KLOB
5th) Buster
7th) Kaizen
7th) Rollic
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
1st) Luco
2nd) Joe
3rd) ASF Jeese
4th) Doctor Ainuss
5th) SaucyDancer
5th) w00tkins
7th) MM
7th) EmanSaur
Street Fighter IV
1st) Afterdeath
2nd) Foxy
3rd) Papito
 Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles
1st) Tid / Rollic
2nd) Bams / Zeus
3rd) Kaizen / Ned
 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Doubles
1st) Scarpian / Luco
2nd) MM / Luco
3rd) Doctor Ainuss / TurtleCat

As always, you catch the stream archives over on the OzHadou YouTube page or click after the jump for the embedded playlist. We’ll be back in April, stay tuned for more on that!