[SYD] York Street Battle #39 Results


Another YSB is in the books, thank you all who came out to welcome in Street Fighter V while supporting all the Sydney staples. Apologies to the MKX crew who had their stream time cut, this will be rectified next month thanks to a revised tournament schedule. Keep an eye out for that as well as the MKX top 8 which were captured off-stream and will be uploaded in the next few days. Here are the full results for the event:

Street Fighter V
1st) BK
2nd) DD
3rd) SpaceGhost
4th) KG
5th) Googie
5th) Bobbert
7th) Genxa
7th) PDC Sky
Mortal Kombat X
1st) N-Megabytes
2nd) Gilbagz
3rd) Saggat83
4th) Googie
5th) Wazminator
5th) Castiel
7th) Freetrain
7th) LupeFiasco
Virtua Fighter 5
Final Showdown

1st) IronMyke
2nd) MegaDeth
3rd) Chill
4th) Jihoon
5th) MadeMan
5th) Genxa
7th) Toto
7th) PXC
Victory Road standings

Information on March’s YSB should be up soon and if you haven’t already, make sure to join the Sydney Fighters Facebook group to get caught up on any meets that may happen in the meantime.