[SYD] SFV @ The Gamesmen Results


Yesterday marked the beginning of the next generation of fighters in NSW with the first Street Fighter V tournament in Sydney. Thanks again to all who attended and The Gamesmen, Playstation and QVSoft for helping make the event possible. Here are the results for the event:

Street Fighter V
1st) bksama
2nd) Yunus
3rd) Shang Tsung
4th) Erkybomb
5th) SpaceGhost
7th) ABM|KG
7th) robsux

Seven of the top 8 for SF5: (back left to right) Yunus,
ABM|KG, Shang Tsung, DAILOU, SpaceGhost,
(front left to right) bksama and Erkybomb.

A full 64-player bracket provided a large crowd.

Top 8 player robsux (foreground) during pools.

Photos are courtesy of tournament hosts The Gamesmen. More photos are available via The Gamesmen’s Facebook page.

Update: check out the OzHadou Facebook page for more photos from our Gamesmen SF5 launch tournament.

Don’t forget, if you’re still craving Street Fighter V action in Sydney, York Street Battles #39 is on next week and a Street Fighter V tournament will be the premier tournament!