[Syd] OHN14 – Accommodation Tips and Tekken 7 Update


We have some important news to share regarding the Tekken 7 tournament at the OzHadou Nationals 14 and some tips regarding accommodation for people looking to make the most of their time during the OHN14 weekend.

Tekken 7 – Official Tournament

Tekken is an OHN staple, forming a major part of the official tournament line-up since the debut of Tekken 5 at OHN4 in 2005. This year Bandai Namco Australia is helping us to keep this tradition going by bringing Tekken 7 to OHN14 ahead of the game’s console release in early 2017.

At one point we had hoped to use the Fated Retribution update for OHN14, however we’ve received word that Bandai Namco will be providing us with “vanilla” Tekken 7. This will be the one and only OHN title for arcade Tekken 7 and we’re eagerly looking forward to see who will take the Australian Tekken crown at OHN14.

Accommodation Tips

With early bird discounts for OHN14 ending on Monday August 1st and 165 people already registered, over 60 of which are travelling from interstate or overseas, many people will be working on their accommodation plans for this year’s OzHadou Nationals.

As mentioned on the OHN14 website, our host venue The Menzies Sydney Hotel is offering discounts for OHN attendees that call direct to book accommodation*. If The Menzies is outside your budget, consider sharing a room or look around the CBD for one of many nearby alternatives. Since The Menzies is opposite Wynyard station, accommodation near a CBD train station is an excellent alternative.

While the ballroom at the Menzies is much larger than past OHN venues, it’s much smaller than the BAM8 venue. We’re expecting up to 500 people at OHN14 and this means space will be scarce during the many pools running on Saturday – both official and DIY. If required we will be limiting casual play and spectator space during Saturday pools, so people will need to be elsewhere until their pool starts. That could mean exploring the surrounding area, going out for some food or heading back to your room for casuals or some sleep.

With this in mind plan ahead and book accommodation that will keep your options open should we be forced to limit access to the venue during pools on Saturday.

*See the OHN14 website for details on how to access the discount offer from The Menzies Sydney Hotel.