[Syd] List of international and seeded OHN14 players


OHN has always been a celebration of Australia’s top talent across all fighting games. With this year’s event being included as part of the Capcom Pro Tour, a lot of international talent has also taken interest in the event and will be making their way to Sydney this August. Currently the confirmed players include:

  • BST| Daigo (SFV, Japan)
  • PandaTV|Jiewa (SFV, China)
  • Lingo (SFV, Japan)
  • SKS | DAN (SBB4, Chile)
  • MrHealthy (SSBM/SSB4/SSB64, Canada)
  • Chachi (SSBM, Canada)
  • Jonga (SSB64, Vietnam)

A number of Australian players are also eligible for regional seeding, through great placings at OHN qualifiers last month:

  • NSW:
    • SFV: Yunus, Betterpart, AWildLlama
    • VF5: IronMyke, Jihoon, Megadeth
    • MKX: NVO|Gilbagz, NVO|Cabjoy, Ghost Police
    • SSBM: Rainbow, Cunchy, Sora
    • SSB4: Killy, ASF Jeese, Luco
  • VIC:
    • SFV: DS_ZGnoud, Burnoutfighter, Zed
    • SSBM: NVO|S.D, DonB, Glacial | Noxus
  • ACT:
    • SFV: Michael Bernie, Young Blood*

Qualifiers for WA are taking place soon with seeds on offer for SF5 amd MKXL.

It’s not too late to get in on the action, register for OHN now!

*Young Blood has received a seed because William Nguyen is unable to attend.