Street Fighter x Tekken change of plans and THQ Prize Pack!

First, the bad news: due to some changes at local distributor THQ, the team will not be able to bring a Street Fighter X Tekken showcase to OzHadou.  THQ have expressed their disappointment that they could not make it this time and pledged support for future events.

But then there’s the good news: The massive prize pack!

THQ will be sending:

HomeFront PC Games
HomeFront Novels
Dawn of War II PC Games
Resident Evil T Shirts
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds T-Shirts
Additional event copies of Street Fighter Arcade Edition
Asura’s Wrath Art Cards that are signed by the developers

PLUS this enticing early bird SFxT Prize:

10 copies (5 x PS3 and 5 x X360) of Street Fighter X Tekken

These Prerelease promo copies will not be available at the event but winners will be sent copies before the Retail release.

Thanks to THQ for maintaining strong support of OzHadou Nationals!