Soul Calibur 6 2.00 Released

Today marks the release of a new season for Soul Calibur 6 with a radical number of changes to really shake up the game.

Here’s the important things

  • Balance Update 2.0 will be free to all players, just update the game today and you’ll have it!
  • New character Hilde will be part of the Season 2 character pass and will be released tomorrow (26th)
  • Two new system mechanics in Soul Attack and Resist Impact

Be sure to brush up on the rest of the patch notes here. For all the specific balance changes, check the patch notes

For all competitors attending York Street Battles #73 this weekend, We’ll be running on the 2.0 patch for the final event of the year so be ready

Looking to get into the game? There’s no better way than to join the OCE Soul Calibur Community. Between the wealth of helpful players and fortnightly tournaments, there is no better way to be ready on the stage of history