SF5 Results Round-Up – February 16th-21st


Street Fighter V has arrived and the Australian fighting game community has been marking the occasion with a deluge of tournaments nationwide. Local tournaments have already taken place in Ballarat, the Gold Coast, Hobart, Brisbane and Perth.

Here are the top 2-3 players across all of these tournaments, along with some match videos and photos. Check the various links for sources and full tournament brackets and additional media where available.

Gold Coast Throwdown V – Feb 16th
1st) Air Dejan aka Hieroyo
2nd) Taj Garou
3rd) Delacroix
Video highlights on Youtube.


Top 3 at GC Throwdown V.
GUF Ballarat – Feb 16th
1st) Aaron Borg
2nd) Kales Kale
3rd) Mark Bardsley
Results from GUF Ballarat.


Top 3 at GUF Ballarat, with winner Aaron Borg (centre).

Hit the jump for the rest of the SF5 launch tournament results from last week.

Reload Launch Tournament – Feb 18th
1st) Michael Burnie
2nd) William
Results from Reload


Reload launch tournament champion Michael Burnie.

Pixel Expo Ranked Season 1.01 – Feb 19th
1st) SB| Andruthless
2nd) BlitzSpankz
3rd) YassBass777


Top 3: BlitzSpankz, SB| Andruthless and YassBass777.
Area 52 E-Sports – Feb 20th
1st) ZM
2nd) Swebe
3rd) Bupernox

Prize winners for SF5 at Area-52.
BSB Brisbane – Feb 20th
1st) Glassy
2nd) Huntersteven
3rd) Mitchn64
Results on Facebook

Top 3 at BSB in Brisbane.
Gamagori Perth – Feb 21st
1st) And Ruthless
2nd) Yass Bass
3rd) Burnout Fighter
Results on WAFGC

Top 3 at Gamagori: Yass Bass (left),
And Ruthless (centre) and Burnout Fighter.