Results Round-Up – July 2nd-3rd


There were a couple of tournaments that took place over the first weekend of July. In Melbourne the local Tekken community ran their first arcade tournament for Tekken 7. Victory went to Jonathon Garofalo. Check out the results thread on Facebook for match videos and photos from the tournament, a couple of which are provided below.


Top 3 for the Melbourne Tekken 7 tournament on July 2nd.

The Melbourne community arcade setups for Tekken 7.

On Saturday the third Sonic Boom tournament was held at GUF Brisbane. In addition to the regular Street Fighter V tournament there was also a tournament held for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Below we have the top 3 results for both game, taken from the results post on Facebook.

Sonic Boom 3 – 3rd July Results

Street Fighter V
1st: Pahnda (Ken)
2nd: Hieroyo (Vega)
3rd: hunterSteven (Birdie)
Ultra Street Fighter IV
1st: SelfSatisfiedRagedPoetShroomyD (Guy)
2nd: Jin Smiff (Balrog/Ryu)
3rd:Joel/SC (Balrog)