Results Round-Up 2015 – Super Street Fighter II Turbo


As we approach the end of the year OzHadou is looking back through the Australian tournament archives of 2015 to see which players came out on top across the various major titles. We’ve also invited tournament organisers and players to give us their summary of how 2015 unfolded.

We begin with one of the oldest fighting games still being played competitively in Australia. Super Street Fighter II Turbo was released into arcades in 1994. Even after 22 years and multiple sequels to the Street Fighter franchise, ST still enjoys the support of the AU FGC. Melbourne’s SpiderCarnage once again toured the country running DIY ST tournaments at four of the Australian majors.

Hit the jump for SpiderCarnage’s rundown of AU ST for 2015, along with top 3 results and our pick for the AU ST MVP of 2015.

We started the year with Button Smash 2015 where 002 came down from the mountains and ran a train on everyone in the hot Brisbane weather. His patented Gief play was on point taking the tournament all the way though winners finishing off a nail biting grand finals with a 3 – 2 win over Kyokugen. The next stop on the antique ST road show was BAM 7. Kisou and Carnage had a great set going down to the wire in a last game last round set. Kisou came out in a surprising counter pick in the last game going with New Sagat against Carnage’s Blanka. Carnage barely scraping by. A1Major also came out strong beating Carnage in top 8 winners 3 – 0 in a run back from SXC2k14 losers finals. Toxy put up a solid performance losing to megadarve aka Kyokugen 3 – 1 in top 8 winners. He fought his way back to grand finals though the losers bracket but fell short once again losing 3 – 1. Toxy was unfamiliar with the Fei Long match and Kyokugen took full advantage taking the tournament.

Next we went from having 4 seasons in one day with Melbourne weather to a much nicer climate in Sydney at OHN13. With the absence of last year’s champion KG the door was wide open for the runner up Vlade to put in some work, and boy did he ever. Going all the way though winners to take the tournament and add yet another OHN ST title under his belt. Vlade has put up some really impressive numbers either finishing first or second in ST since 2012. OHN13 was packed full of exciting matches and quite a few surprises like Sahn deciding to enter last minute and getting third place. A special shout out must go to Mooseking who got fourth place battling a cold/fever throughout the entire weekend. Kyokugen continued his dominance in the game getting second place.

We finish off the year with SXC2k15, continuing their rivalry throughout the last few years A1Major and Carnage had the run back, of the run back of the run back. A1 slapped Carnage with a 3 – 0 victory at BAM7 but this time around the matches were much closer; A1Major taking a close 3 – 2 set and Carnage saying that he should have picked Blanka from the start, rather than going with o.Ken. I have a feeling that this is not the last time these two are going to square off in ST. The dark horse of the tournament was New Zealand’s very own Massi4h playing a much improved o.Sagat and Ryu; he also entered at BAM7 but failed to qualify for top 8. Kyokugen asserted his dominance in the game with a solid 3 – 1 victory in winners finals over A1Major and a closer 3 – 2 win in grand finals. The MVP of the year is Kyokugen making it to every grand final and narrowly loosing to 002 and Vlade and taking Bam 7 and SXC2k15. Great stuff.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who entered and supported ST in 2015, it was an exciting year with fantastic matches and great rivalries. I look forward to an exciting 2016.



Major Top Players Records
Button Smash 2015 1) [ACT] 002
2) [NSW] Kyokugen
3) [VIC] Kisou
Challonge bracket
Battle Arena Melbourne 7 1) [NSW] Kyokugen
2) [VIC] ToXY
BAM7 results
OzHadou Nationals 13 1) [ACT] Vlade
2) [NSW] Kyokugen
3) [NSW] Sahn
Top 8 bracket
Pools brackets
Grand finals match video
Southern Cross Championships 2015 1) [NSW] Kyokugen
3) [NZ] SL|Massi4h
Challonge bracket

Most Valuable Player 2015: [NSW] Kyokugen
Making top 2 in all four majors and claiming 2 titles, Kyokugen from Sydney had a stellar year in ST.

ST is proof that so long as players are willing to come out and support their favourite titles then any game has the potential to live on regardless of its age. Thanks to SpiderCarnage for travelling extensively to keep competitive ST alive and to all the players who came out to support this classic game.