Red Bull Article – SF5: What Aussie Pros Think


Capcom and QVS recently held their official Australian pre-release party for Street Fighter V in Sydney. A number of top Australian players were invited to the event and Red Bull was also there to cover the launch.

Below we have an excerpt from the article. Visit the Red Bull website for more on how Somniac, ZG, Burnout and Googie felt about the game at the time of the launch party.

“This game is probably Capcom’s first major entry into esports,” Somniac told us. “Street Fighter IV kind of got there, but not in the way it will with Street Fighter V. So I think what’s really exciting about this game is what comes in the future. All the esports teams, all the opportunities. We have two Capcom Pro Tour events in Australia with OHN (OzHadou Nationals) and BAM (Battle Arena Melbourne). So we have two opportunities to get Australians into the Pro tour, which means more exposure for our scene and more people coming out.”