OHN9 Trailer

kientan had been working on the trailer but due to recent events regarding EVO TS, had to hold off releasing it till everything settled. We can now present you guys with the official trailer for OHN9.

Registrations have now reopened so head over here to sign up.


ACL circuit starting in April! And Shadowloo releases new guest trailer for SS 2k11

The first LAN event of the ACL circuit will start in Melbourne on April 9th and 10th at Latrobe University.. More events will be held in Sydney and Brisbane, all leading up to the grand finals which will be held in Brisbane. Prizes include the winners of each event getting a flight up to Brisbane and seeding for the finals.

More information on the Melbourne ACL stop can be found at www.aclpro.com.au.

In other news, Shadowloo has just released a new trailer for Shadowloo Showdown 2k11, featuring additional guests and new juicy surprises. Comment on the trailer at www.shadowloo.com.

OHN9 Regionals

Following on from the success of the OH APAC regional tournaments in 2010, OHN is introducing a new series of regional events in the lead-up to OHN9 in May 2011.

The OzHadou Regionals (OHR) is a series of qualifier tournaments for the annual OHN tournament. Players have a chance to secure seeds at OHN in advance by emerging victorious at OHR events. The OHR tournaments will be taking place between now and May 2011 at various locations around the country (see below).

The top 3 players at each OHR tournament will be awarded ranking points which will be used when seeding the brackets at OHN9 for Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Only OHR winners will be seeded by rank for these two games! Everyone else will be seeded by region at OHN9. If you want to be ranked going into the nationals, you will need to score points by attending and placing top 3 at one or more OHR events.

OHR Tournaments

Here is the list of official OHR tournaments for 2011.

  • Sydney – Genxa
  • Melbourne – ToXY
  • Brisbane – SlapperJoe
  • Perth – Valkyran
  • Adelaide – Mooseking
  • Canberra – moreadon

Check back here for dates, venues and other details for each OHR event as they become available.

OHN9 and Shadowloo Showdown dates announced!

The dates for OHN9 have been set! It will be held on the weekend of 28th-29th of May, 2011.

The venue is 99 on York, in the Sydney CBD.

The official OHN website is coming soon, which will contain full details concerning the tournament games, schedule of activities and online registration. In the meantime, check out the Ozhadou thread for details.

Remember that OHN9 is part of the EVO 2011 tournament season!

Shadowloo Showdown 2k11 is officially taking place on  June 25th-26, 2011.

Full details are incoming, and will be posted on Shadowloo.com.

Multiple international guests to be confirmed and revealed on a later date.

In the meantime, please check out their first official Shadowloo Showdown 2k11 Trailer.

It looks like 2011 is going to be massive year of fighting games for Australia!

OzHadou gets a new forum!

As part of our continued effort to bring you the best online web experience, Team OzHadou has upgraded the forum.  There were a few driving reasons for this, but the main ones were that we were simply outgrowing what phpBB could provide. And combined with the hassle of maintaining the WordPress integration, it made sense to upgrade to a better solution that will be able to provide better long term functionality to the OzHadou members.

Please see this post for an introduction and instructions on the new forum.  The main thing to keep in mind is that you will be prompted twice to confirm your password when you log in.  This is a security feature we’re implementing due to the migration of all the user accounts from the old database to the new one.

If you have any comments, suggestions or any issues at all, please either post them in the new forum (reply the post above) or email support@ozhadou.net if you can’t log in.

GameSpot AU interviews Ziggy and Zan

James Kozanecki from GameSpot AU’s Club Lounge has taken the time out to interview Ziggy about Ozhadou and Zan about Couchwarriors. They shed some insight about the history of their organisations and their thoughts about the direction the Australian fighting game community is headed.

Be sure to read the interviews and support our guys by leaving some comments.

You can also discuss the interviews over at Ziggy’s thread.