OHN9 top 8 match videos

OHN9 is over and Humanbomb (NSW) and NefeliousG/Tom (QLD) have emerged as champions in SSFIV and MVC3 respectively.

Hebretto is busy uploading the top 8 match videos at http://www.youtube.com/ozhadou as we speak, but for now enjoy the MVC3 Grand Finals between NefeliousG and Tyrone.

Update: SSFIV GF

ToXY flying to Revelations 2011!

Australia’s own TTC ToXY or Michael Guida is heading off to sunny Southern California to enter in Revelations 2011!

Melbourne’s best will get to test his skills against many of the best players in the world, and be sure to check him out on the Revelations stream to cheer on one of our own.

ToXY will also be repping the Hit Box at Revelations at the Hit Box booth and in tournament if he feels he is comfortable enough.

In the meantime, he will be staying in SoCal for about a month, so we will also be able to watch him on Wednesday Night Fights!

One Weekend Till OHN9!

Just a reminder that OHN9 will be happening next weekend and if you haven’t done so, register here!

Please note we now have a special DIY venue entry fee of $25. Which allows you to enter DIY tournaments. However, you cannot enter any official tournaments nor casuals other than DIY. If you paid for a normal venue entry fee ($40), you are entitled to enter official tournaments; casuals; and DIY.

OHN9 Trailer

kientan had been working on the trailer but due to recent events regarding EVO TS, had to hold off releasing it till everything settled. We can now present you guys with the official trailer for OHN9.

Registrations have now reopened so head over here to sign up.


ACL circuit starting in April! And Shadowloo releases new guest trailer for SS 2k11

The first LAN event of the ACL circuit will start in Melbourne on April 9th and 10th at Latrobe University.. More events will be held in Sydney and Brisbane, all leading up to the grand finals which will be held in Brisbane. Prizes include the winners of each event getting a flight up to Brisbane and seeding for the finals.

More information on the Melbourne ACL stop can be found at www.aclpro.com.au.

In other news, Shadowloo has just released a new trailer for Shadowloo Showdown 2k11, featuring additional guests and new juicy surprises. Comment on the trailer at www.shadowloo.com.

OHN9 Regionals

Following on from the success of the OH APAC regional tournaments in 2010, OHN is introducing a new series of regional events in the lead-up to OHN9 in May 2011.

The OzHadou Regionals (OHR) is a series of qualifier tournaments for the annual OHN tournament. Players have a chance to secure seeds at OHN in advance by emerging victorious at OHR events. The OHR tournaments will be taking place between now and May 2011 at various locations around the country (see below).

The top 3 players at each OHR tournament will be awarded ranking points which will be used when seeding the brackets at OHN9 for Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Only OHR winners will be seeded by rank for these two games! Everyone else will be seeded by region at OHN9. If you want to be ranked going into the nationals, you will need to score points by attending and placing top 3 at one or more OHR events.

OHR Tournaments

Here is the list of official OHR tournaments for 2011.

  • Sydney – Genxa
  • Melbourne – ToXY
  • Brisbane – SlapperJoe
  • Perth – Valkyran
  • Adelaide – Mooseking
  • Canberra – moreadon

Check back here for dates, venues and other details for each OHR event as they become available.