One of the first articles I remember reading on Shoryuken was by one of the Cannon brothers explaining how to run a double elimination tournament. To the best of my knowledge this double elimination primer was lost when SRK crashed many years ago. This is unfortunate as it had a lot of nice tips worth knowing.

This week I’ll briefly touch upon the basics of running a double elimination tournament bracket, and then go into detail recalling some of the tips that have stuck with me from that long lost SRK article.

Strat Talk Round-Up #3

Coincidentally bbbenson has recently traded hand slaps for mashing DPs.

It’s been a very long time since my last strat round-up post, but following EVO 2011 a couple of nice items have popped up that I found interesting.

There’s something for both SSF4:AE and MvC3 players in this edition of Strat Talk Round-up. Click through to find an article on the subject of “mashing”, as well as Viscant’s analysis of his grand final win in MvC3 at EVO 2011.

As a bonus there’s also a link to Seth Killian’s classic Domination 101 series of articles on SRK, written before he became the community manager for Capcom USA.

Vote for BAM community awards!

BAM 2011 is swiftly approaching, this October 1st and 2nd at the CQ in Melbourne.

This year, BAM will be giving out community awards to highlight the contributions, gameplay and traits of our players and community, similar to the awards EVO has been presenting over the years to the likes of Markman, Seth Killian etc.

Awards like; Most Improved Player, Best Comeback, Best Community guy are always fun to vote for. I know last year I was wishing that there were more Community awards for me to vote for, as I feel there are many guys in the community that work so hard for the sake of the community and they definitely deserve more credit for what they do.

The BAM staff would like your suggestions for the awards, and the prize winners will be given awesome medals and maybe even prizes. (Definitely man-hugs will be liberally distributed.)

Please go to this thread and contribute!

Pool Play – Part 2

Last week I talked about when and how to set up pools for a double elimination tournament. In Part 2 I’ll discuss how you go about resolving your pools in practice. This 2-part series focuses on the mechanics of double elimination pools. The logistics around resource allocation when running pools will be discussed in a future article.

This week I’ll explain how to resolve each of your pools, including how to promote the qualifying players to the next round of the tournament. I’ll also highlight some features of the BSG that will help you run your finals bracket and generate global results.

EVO 2011 Videos of Australian Players

Check out some matches bbbenson was able to record while at the EVO hall.

Featured below is a video of humanbomb against MVC3 winner Viscant in AE; and the match NefeliousG had to win to proceed to semis. To watch the remaining videos please go to the OzHadou YouTube Channel

Hopefully we see some videos from our Melbourne players when they return!

Pool Play – Part 1

In the previous Bracketed article I explained why keeping the size of your double elimination brackets manageable was important. This week I’m going to start a 2-part article on the subject of using pools to resolve large double elimination tournaments.

In Part 1 I’ll discuss when an organiser should use pools to improve tournament efficiency. I’ll also talk about how to determine the correct number of pools you need and how you should go about seeding the players into those pools. Part 2 will then go into detail on how to run your pools once you’ve set them up.

Don't a Pro Season 2

Hey guys if you remember a few months back kientan and Goswu collaborated on a podcast called Don’t a Pro, covering the Sydney scene.

Well since then Goswu have moved on to greater responsibilities (like admin of OzHadou along with Gamogo!). And kientan has stepped his game up to present Don’t a Pro in a new format (along with a new co-host bbbenson!). It will now be a vlog and below is the first episode.

This was shot a day before Sydney’s bbbenson and humanbomb flew out to America in preparation for EVO2011 (check out mutton’s post below for details to updates for streams twitter etc over the weekend). In this episode they also cover the upcoming ACL Finals held in Brisbane with guest JBHewitt, admin of LanSmash. As well as some new contenders into the Sydney fighting game scene!

Feel free to leave any feedback and keep an eye out for episode 2 when they try to interview those that attended EVO!

EV0 2011 this weekend!

EVO is this weekend guys!

The worlds largest fighting game tournament will feature a hefty visiting Australian contingent. HumanBomb, ToXy, Somniac, Benson, Carnage, Heavy Weapons, Sol T, EX355UM, Pyro, Naruga, Tom, NickCC, Bugsimus and more.

Tune in at Stream 1 and Stream 2 (to be updated) this weekend to cheer on our boys! Follow updates from the Ozhadou EVO competitors thread.

Check out EVO’s master schedule here.

Follow EVO on twitter at evo2k. It’s going to be HYPE.

Size Does Matter

Over the last 10 years tournament organisers have become increasingly proficient at managing double elimination tournaments with large numbers of competitors. Since Evolution started using double elimination pools to resolve brackets with hundreds of players, it has become common to see other large events use a similar format, with varying degrees of success.

This week I’ll talk about bracket sizes in double elimination tournaments. I’ll discuss why 64-player brackets and larger are bad and how to avoid using them entirely.