EVO 2K10 Combo Videos

Today at the EVO World Finals we saw the debut of two combo videos that were made especially for this event. The theme of the Super Fireball Battle was very unique, displaying creative ways to nullify attacks and have projectiles trade and cancel each other out. The Style Exhibition focuses on stylish elements rather than technical combos. So this means no especially long combos, few 100% kill combos, and you don’t need a thorough understanding of the game mechanics to appreciate how they look.


Going to EVO

With less than two weeks to go till EVO2010. Will the Australian contingent have what it takes to stand up against the American and Japanese “gods”?

Below are the people who will be representing Australia
hebretto (NSW) [SSF4; HDR; MVC2; TVC]
humanbomb (NSW) [SSF4]
kientan (NSW) [SSF4]
Somniac (Victoria) [SSF4]
ToXY (Victoria) [SSF4; HDR]


ACL/SGL running Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament @ Mac Uni, July 3rd

The guys from ACL (Australian Cyber League) and SGL (Sydney Gamers’ League) have kindly asked OzHadou to lend a hand in running a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament at their upcoming event this weekend. The event will feature competitions for multiple games including Halo, Modern Warfare 2, Heroes of Newerth and will have over 500 players participating in the event from around Australia.


Gamespot Crosshairs covers EVO APAC

Randolph from Gamespot AU came along to EVO APAC and interviewed the top 3 in Super Street Fighter IV: ToXY, Humanbomb and Daigo Umehara. The interviews are now online as part of the Gamespot Crosshairs series.

Gamespot AU Crosshairs with Daigo, Humanbomb and ToXY.

Thanks to Randolph and the Gamespot AU team for taking the time to come along to EVO APAC and for providing these excellent videos of the EVO APAC top players.

Remember that all 3 of these players will be competing at EVO 2010 very soon.

KoFXII CMV Trailer

Dark Chaotix is nearing completion on his second KoFXII Combo Music Video, which is being edited by RyuWorks. For now, enjoy the trailer:

Strat Talk Round-Up #2

It’s been a few months since my first Strat Talk Round-Up, and there’s been a lot of interesting stuff discussed over on the Shoryuken front page.

Once again I’m providing a brief look at recent strategy articles that could be helpful to players who are keen to level up their game.

There’s a lot of potentially interesting articles this time around, so I’m only offering links and a quick quote from each. I recommend people follow-up any which sound relevant to you.


Benny and Richie Interviews from EVO APAC

Benny and Richie from Gamearena came along to EVO APAC to interview Daigo Umehara. They also interview Humanbomb (NSW) and ToXY (VIC) who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in Super Street Fighter IV.

You can find the interviews towards the end of Episode 245 of the Benny and Richie Show.

The EVO APAC team thanks Benny and Richie for coming along to EVO APAC and showing support for the Australian competitive Street Fighter community.

EVO APAC Results

The first ever Evolution qualifier tournament in Australia is now over.

The EVO APAC Super Street Fighter IV Champion, Daigo Umehara from Japan, and runner-up Humanbomb from Sydney have both won flights to Las Vegas, USA, where they will be competing in the SSFIV tournament at EVO 2010.

The EVO APAC team thanks the following people:

Detailed results, including links to videos and photos from the event, can be found in the EVO APAC results thread in the OzHadou forums.