Arena Internet Cafe: Farewell SSFIV:AE Tournament (South Australia)

As per the recent forum announcement by Exc355um of Shadowloo, the Arena Internet Cafe’s SSFIV:AE Farewell Tournament stream is now live!

To quote tournament organiser Mooseking:

“Ok the nice guys behind Arena Internet Cafe have offered up $2000 to send off arcade edition in some style. We want to see all of Adelaide make it out to fight for their chance of taking their share in the pot. This tournament is also open to interstate players and while we know that it is short notice, we’re looking to make it worth your while to come down for the weekend and finish off the year with a bang.”

More details on the tournament are available in the forum discussion thread. A direct link to the stream and chatroom is available here.

Taking Names – Entry Fee Collection

Registration is the process of collecting participants for your tournament. This includes collecting entry fees from attendees, issuing event passes and including competitors in the tournament brackets. Mike Ross and Gootecks spoke about the registration process in the Cross Counter guide on how to run a tournament, and over the next two weeks I’ll expand on the topic of tournament registrations.

The first part will discuss the various ways you can collect registrations, focusing on methods for securing entry fees from competitors. Next week I’ll provide some tips on how to make the registration process as efficient as possible, including ways to help get your tournaments started on time.

Stage Select

Finding the right venue for your tournament is incredibly important. Since the venue directly affects everything else about the tournament it’s essential that you find the right one for your needs.

This week I’ll talk about the three things you need to balance when selecting a venue for any tournament: convenience, capacity and cost. I’ll also discuss how these three are related, expanding on the ideas Mike Ross referred to in the Cross Counter guide on how to run a tournament.

Gamespot UMvC3 Interview

bbbenson, acedizl, and myself were lucky enough to be invited to test out the release build of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 last week at the Gamespot office giving our thoughts on the new characters as well as our existing teams from vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3 (goodbye my She Hulk / Chris / Tron team).

On behalf of OzHadou I’d like to thank the Gamespot crew for giving us the opportunity to try the game out again and for putting the word out there about the Australian fighting game community!

Check out the video below.

Dream Matches

One of the great things about tournaments is that as the better players advance through the bracket, eventually they’ll have to face one another, and the resulting matches are often very entertaining. However due to the nature of the elimination format, a lot of potentially amazing matches don’t eventuate.

A popular way to realise great match-ups that don’t arise during the tournament proper is to add exhibitions to your tournament schedule. This week I’ll discuss the concept of exhibition matches and how you can use them to add extra entertainment value to your tournament. I’ll explain the three key ingredients you need for a great exhibition, and run through some examples from major tournaments around the world.

Cross Counter – How to run a Tournament

In a recent episode of Cross Counter, Gootecks and Mike Ross outlined all of the basic things you need to do when running a fighting game tournament. The video is a nice summary of important topics, and well worth a look for new and experienced tournament organisers alike.

This week I’d like to share this video with Bracketed readers and provide some highlights that I took away from what Gootecks and Mike Ross had to say.

Donations open for OHNX: Regionals

Donations are now open for the OHNX: Regionals. There are two separate donation pools: one for the Capcom games and another for Tekken. All money raised will be shared out between the various OHNX:R events around Australia (excluding Sydney) where organisers will use the money to help Regionals winners make their way to OHNX in Sydney.

To make a donation to one of the pools, please click on the Paypal links below. Any support you can provide is much appreciated, and will help bring more interstate competitors to OHNX.

Update: All donations are now closed. Thanks to everyone that contributed to our donation drive for OHNX: Regionals.

Shadowloo sponsors ToXY

Shadowloo have expanded yet again; this time into player sponsorship. And the first player they have chosen is ToXY.

ToXY needs no introduction as the best fighting game player in Melbourne. Hopefully we will see ToXY represent Australia at more international fighting game events!

Check out the original article on Shadowloo here.

And you can watch a short video interview of ToXY by EXC355UM below.

Swiss vs. Elimination

Last week JBHewitt shared his thoughts on running fighting game tournaments using the Swiss format. JB said that he expected double elimination would always be the standard fighting game tournament, and that Swiss offered a less punishing format for beginners at smaller events.

This week I’ll share my own thoughts regarding the Swiss format. I’ll explain why fighting game tournaments tend to favour the elimination format, and review the potential benefits that Swiss brackets can provide.