OHNX joins the Road to Evo 2012

Today inkblot announced the tournament roster for Evolution 2012, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA on 6th-8th of July. He also announced the Road to Evo 2012, a global series of major tournaments at which competitors can earn seeding points for use in the official tournaments at Evo 2012 which includes OHNX.

Registrations for OHN are open right now, but the discount period will be ending soon. Given how helpful seeding points were for the Aussies at Evo 2011, any Australians thinking about going to Evo 2012 should definitely consider competing for Evo points at OHNX.

For full details on how the Road to Evo works, and the complete list of official tournaments at Evo 2012, read this announcement post on SRK. The OHN team thanks the Evo team for giving OzHadou the opportunity to be part of the Road to Evo in 2012.

Taking Control

While fighting game tournaments first originated in arcades, today the majority of tournaments are run using video game consoles. When a tournament is run on consoles there is added flexibility around what types of controllers can be used by the competitors. It’s common for Australian tournaments to invite players to bring their own controllers, but in 2012 the OzHadou Nationals (OHN) is making BYO controller mandatory for all competitors.

This week I’ll discuss the mandatory BYO controller policy, outlining the opportunities and challenges it presents to tournament organisers.

Registrations now open for OHNX

Online registrations for OHNX are now live! Visit the registration page at the OHNX website for full details on how to register.

Remember that it’s compulsory to register online before OHNX in order to compete in any official tournaments. Also participation in any any official SSF4:AE and UMvC3 exhibitions is restricted to official OHNX competitors only.

Registrations for official tournaments close on Monday 6th of February 2012, so make sure you register before the deadline.

It’s also worth registering as soon as you’re ready, as discounts are available for all participants who register online before Monday 16th of January 2012.

Note that casual/DIY entries fees can be paid after the above dates but will incur a hefty surcharge if you pay late. Do yourself a favour and pay online as soon as you can.

GamespotAU Soul Calibur V tournament

To celebrate the release of Soul Calibur V, GamespotAU and Namco Bandai Partners are holding an elimination tournament in Sydney on the 25th of January 2012.

OzHadou will be supporting this event with FaYd and other OzHadou members on hand to help run the brackets. The winner of this tournament will be awarded an expenses-paid trip to Europe to represent Australia in Namco Bandai’s worldwide Soul Calibur V tournament in March 2012.

To register your interest, visit GamsepotAU’s website for the tournament and fill out the form before 19th January. Bracket spots are limited so make sure you register on time.

SSFIV:AE 2012 – Rufus Changes

Perth based Rufus aficionado Derrace has put together a detailed run-down of Rufus’ changes in the recently released 2012 version of SSFIV:AE.

The video details new setups, combos and strategies afforded by Rufus’ changes which open up new ways he can be played – some of which differ significantly from his previous Vanilla, Super and AE options. The video is embedded below.

This from Derrace’s video description:

This video highlights the changes made to Rufus in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012. It demonstrates how these changes affect his existing Bread and Butter combos, as well as punishes. Included would be some practical uses (combos/punishes) of these changes. Depending on how this video goes, I might do an extended version to cover more combos and match-ups.



• Ultra 2 – Big Bang Typhoon – Adjusted number of hits against airborne opponents to a maximum of 10.

• Messiah Kick – Made light derivation combo on a medium hit.

• Target Combo – Expanded second hit’s hitbox downward to facilitate connecting with Blanka, etc. when crouching.

• EX Galactic Tornado – Increased opponent’s stun by 7F when hit by the suction part of the move.Gives attacker a possible +8F advantage when completing EX Focus Dash in shortest possible time.

The combos in this video were performed, recorded and edited solely by me.

Be sure to check out Derrace’s Youtube channel which features a slew of additional Rufus’ match videos with various players in Australia both online and off.

On eSports and Game Selection

This week I’m taking a break from stepping through the details of tournament planning to talk about a couple of interesting editorials that recently appeared on Shoryuken (SRK). The first is an article about fighting games relative to eSports by inkblot, and the second looks at what it takes to make a fighting game worthy of tournament play, written by d3v. I’ll summarise each article and relate them to our own scene here in Australia.