OHNX: Regionals – Sydney

The next event in the OHNX: Regionals series will be taking place in Sydney this Saturday 14th Jan 2012. Competitors at the Jan 2012 edition of York Street Battles (YSB) can earn rank seeds for the SSF4:AE and UMvC3 tournaments at OHNX alongside other OHNX:Regionals winners.

All tournament entry fees raised at this YSB will be donated towards helping interstate OHNX: Regionals winners make their way to Sydney for OHNX. If you’d like to help us out you can also donate directly towards the OHNX:R prize pool.

Keep an eye on the YSB forum thread for links to live brackets and stream details as they become available.

Sagat Technology by Heavy Weapons

Melbourne’s resident Sagat and creative linguistics specialist Heavy Weapons has teamed up with Shadowloo’s in-house community media merchant Bosslogic and the man who mains everyone, Shadowloo|Sol to put together an impressive video demonstrating a sizable chunk of Sagat’s more interesting tricks, combos, links and setups in SSFIV:AE.

There’s a wealth of old and new content in here, which also gives hints at setups you perhaps might want to look out for if you find yourself as an opponent to Sagat players who have taken the time to learn them.

From the video’s description:

“Heavy Weapons and the Shadowloo Crew started on this project about 4 months ago and finally got around to completing it so please sit back and enjoy!”

Watching your Waste

Having determined the venue and given some thought to game selection, it’s time to decide exactly what your tournament is going to deliver. How many games will you hold official tournaments for? What will the formats be? Will there be any extra official activities like exhibitions? You need to balance the scope of your event so that it attracts your target audience while still being manageable enough for you to execute it successfully.

This week I’ll discuss the subject of filling the schedule for your tournament. Although written with majors in mind, the ideas can be scaled to tournaments of all sizes. I’ll outline the three levels of activities you should consider, and how to optimise your choices to avoid over-filling your tournament with more activities than the attendees can handle.

OHNX joins the Road to Evo 2012

Today inkblot announced the tournament roster for Evolution 2012, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA on 6th-8th of July. He also announced the Road to Evo 2012, a global series of major tournaments at which competitors can earn seeding points for use in the official tournaments at Evo 2012 which includes OHNX.

Registrations for OHN are open right now, but the discount period will be ending soon. Given how helpful seeding points were for the Aussies at Evo 2011, any Australians thinking about going to Evo 2012 should definitely consider competing for Evo points at OHNX.

For full details on how the Road to Evo works, and the complete list of official tournaments at Evo 2012, read this announcement post on SRK. The OHN team thanks the Evo team for giving OzHadou the opportunity to be part of the Road to Evo in 2012.

Taking Control

While fighting game tournaments first originated in arcades, today the majority of tournaments are run using video game consoles. When a tournament is run on consoles there is added flexibility around what types of controllers can be used by the competitors. It’s common for Australian tournaments to invite players to bring their own controllers, but in 2012 the OzHadou Nationals (OHN) is making BYO controller mandatory for all competitors.

This week I’ll discuss the mandatory BYO controller policy, outlining the opportunities and challenges it presents to tournament organisers.

Registrations now open for OHNX

Online registrations for OHNX are now live! Visit the registration page at the OHNX website for full details on how to register.

Remember that it’s compulsory to register online before OHNX in order to compete in any official tournaments. Also participation in any any official SSF4:AE and UMvC3 exhibitions is restricted to official OHNX competitors only.

Registrations for official tournaments close on Monday 6th of February 2012, so make sure you register before the deadline.

It’s also worth registering as soon as you’re ready, as discounts are available for all participants who register online before Monday 16th of January 2012.

Note that casual/DIY entries fees can be paid after the above dates but will incur a hefty surcharge if you pay late. Do yourself a favour and pay online as soon as you can.

GamespotAU Soul Calibur V tournament

To celebrate the release of Soul Calibur V, GamespotAU and Namco Bandai Partners are holding an elimination tournament in Sydney on the 25th of January 2012.

OzHadou will be supporting this event with FaYd and other OzHadou members on hand to help run the brackets. The winner of this tournament will be awarded an expenses-paid trip to Europe to represent Australia in Namco Bandai’s worldwide Soul Calibur V tournament in March 2012.

To register your interest, visit GamsepotAU’s website for the tournament and fill out the form before 19th January. Bracket spots are limited so make sure you register on time.