Timezone Supports OHNX

We are pleased to announce Timezone as an official supporter of OHNX.

Timezone is assisting us by providing a head-to-head cabinet for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at OHNX on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of February. This is great news for TTT2 players, as head-to-head cabinets are the preferred arcade platform of tournament players around the world.

The TTT2 cabinet from Timezone will be added to the cabinet provided by OHNX sponsor Namco Bandai Partners, giving OHNX attendees more time to explore the latest installment of the Tekken franchise under freeplay conditions.

OHNX: Regionals – Adelaide & Canberra

The final round of OHNX: Regionals tournaments for SSF4:AE and UMvC3 is happening this weekend. The first of these is OHNX:R – Adelaide, which is being held on Saturday the 4th of February.

Last but not least we have OHNX:R – Canberra, which is taking place at the Good Games Canberra store on Sunday the 5th of February. This event is supported by Stick Addiction, and a number of Sydney players are expected to attend in a bid to swipe some of Canberra’s OHNX ranking points for themselves.

Competitors with seeding points can be certain that they won’t have to face the likes of ToXY (VIC), robsux (NSW) or NefeliousG (QLD) first round at OHNX. These are your last two chances to secure ranked seeds for SSF4:AE and UMvC3, so be sure to grab them while you can.

Ultimate Capcom Showcase – Quick Wrap-up

Well, one of the biggest public promotional nights Australia has seen for a fighting game has just passed.  Sure, it wasn’t just fighter fans that got their fix – there was also Asura’s Wrath and Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City demoed – but when Capcom sends in Seth Killian, you can be sure he’s there for the fighters!

It was great to finally meet the man we all know, and to grill him on specifics of the games.  His knowledge is first class and he is so nice that he didn’t turn down ANYONE that wanted to chat with him.

As for the event, I think they weren’t ready for how popular it was going to be.  The bar got crowded very quick.  Even if you were lucky to get in early and find space, it didn’t matter once everyone got in as it was packed to the brim.  But the good sign is that this means there are even more fighting game fans than we even knew!  There quite a few people not too familiar with OzHadou.  So hopefully some OHers there last helped point them here to get in touch with more alike players!

Shout outs to all those that came from afar to be there too, and of course to the Shadowloo crew for doing a good job of running a quick bracket under the circumstances!

Check the forum thread for some thoughts on the night.  Or if you were there, post your own!  We’d love to hear from you!

And don’t forget – there’s still another chance to play SFxT before official release: OHNX!

OHNX: Regionals – TTT2 Sydney & Brisbane

The remaining OHNX: Regionals tournaments for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be happening in Sydney and Brisbane arcades this weekend.

First up we have OHNX:R – Sydney for TTT2, which will take place in Timezone on George St on Friday the 3rd of February. Finally OHNX:R – Brisbane for TTT2 will be taking place on Saturday the 4th of February. Competitors at these tournaments will be able to earn rank seeds for the TTT2 tournament at OHNX, which is sponsored by Namco Bandai Partners.

Remember that registrations for OHNX close on Monday the 6th of Febraury. If you want to capitalise on your ranking points for OHNX make sure you register in time, as we will NOT be taking registrations for official tournaments at the OHNX venue.

Madman Sponsors OHNX

The third OHNX sponsor listed in the official OHNX press release is Madman Entertainment, Australia’s leading independent theatrical, home entertainment distribution and rights management company. Madman specialises in the wholesale distribution of DVD and Blu Ray product into sales channels throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Madman have long been supporters of the Australian fighting game community, providing sponsorship to numerous tournaments including OHN7 and EVO APAC. For OHNX Madman will be putting together a great range of DVDs and Blu Ray titles as prizes for attendees and competitors at OHNX. More details regarding these prizes will be announced in the near future.

Namco Bandai Sponsors TTT2 and SC5 at OHNX

As mentioned in the official OHNX press release, one of the sponsors of OHNX is Namco Bandai Partners. We have two of their fighting games at OHNX, with an official tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and a DIY Road to Evo tournament for the forthcoming Soul Calibur V.

Namco Bandai Partners are supporting these games at OHNX by providing console setups for SC5, plus an arcade cabinet for TTT2. This will give OHNX attendees a rare opportunity to play the arcade version of TTT2 on freeplay.

Remember that tournament entries for TTT2 close after Monday the 6th of February, so be sure to register soon for your shot at the first Australian national title in TTT2.

Hosting with Hospitality

This week I’ve invited hebretto to write an article for Bracketed. hebretto has been a member of the Sydney fighting game community since before OzHadou began. He’s one of the original forum moderators for OzHadou, helping to run tournament brackets with “disciplined” efficiency.

hebretto is a strong supporter of the Australian scene, frequently travelling to compete in tournaments both here and overseas. He also goes out of his way to ensure that visitors enjoy their time in Sydney. In this week’s article hebretto gives us an overview of how a local community can provide good hospitality to people who have travelled to a tournament, helping them to feel welcome and enhancing the experience for all involved.

FaYd Wins GamespotAU Soul Calibur V Tournament

Congratulations to OzHadou’s “Namco Community Manager” FaYd, who has emerged victorious at the GamespotAU and Namco Bandai Partners pre-launch single elimination tournament for Soul Calibur V in Sydney yesterday.

As the winner FaYd will represent Australia in Europe this March at Namco Bandai’s worldwide Soul Calibur V tournament. If you’d like to challenge FaYd and other Soul Calibur V players, be sure to check out the Soul Calibur V DIY tournament at OHNX on 17-19 Feb 2012 in Sydney.

Visit GamespotAU for a write-up of the event with photos, and you can discuss the tournament in this forum thread.

OHNX: Regionals – TTT2 Melbourne

We have a second dose of OHNX: Regionals action in Melbourne this week, with the first OHNX:R tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 taking place on Thursday 26th Jan 2012. Competitors will be able to earn the first available rank seeds for the TTT2 tournament at OHNX, which is being sponsored directly by Namco Bandai Partners.

We’ll have more news regarding Namco Bandai Partners’ support of OHNX soon. In the meantime, we’ll reminding you that tomorrow night they’re teaming up with GamespotAU and OzHadou to run the first Sydney tournament for the forthcoming Soul Calibur V. Registrations are already closed, but if you’re in the area you might want to stop by and see some of the action for yourself.