Hosting with Hospitality

This week I’ve invited hebretto to write an article for Bracketed. hebretto has been a member of the Sydney fighting game community since before OzHadou began. He’s one of the original forum moderators for OzHadou, helping to run tournament brackets with “disciplined” efficiency.

hebretto is a strong supporter of the Australian scene, frequently travelling to compete in tournaments both here and overseas. He also goes out of his way to ensure that visitors enjoy their time in Sydney. In this week’s article hebretto gives us an overview of how a local community can provide good hospitality to people who have travelled to a tournament, helping them to feel welcome and enhancing the experience for all involved.

FaYd Wins GamespotAU Soul Calibur V Tournament

Congratulations to OzHadou’s “Namco Community Manager” FaYd, who has emerged victorious at the GamespotAU and Namco Bandai Partners pre-launch single elimination tournament for Soul Calibur V in Sydney yesterday.

As the winner FaYd will represent Australia in Europe this March at Namco Bandai’s worldwide Soul Calibur V tournament. If you’d like to challenge FaYd and other Soul Calibur V players, be sure to check out the Soul Calibur V DIY tournament at OHNX on 17-19 Feb 2012 in Sydney.

Visit GamespotAU for a write-up of the event with photos, and you can discuss the tournament in this forum thread.

OHNX: Regionals – TTT2 Melbourne

We have a second dose of OHNX: Regionals action in Melbourne this week, with the first OHNX:R tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 taking place on Thursday 26th Jan 2012. Competitors will be able to earn the first available rank seeds for the TTT2 tournament at OHNX, which is being sponsored directly by Namco Bandai Partners.

We’ll have more news regarding Namco Bandai Partners’ support of OHNX soon. In the meantime, we’ll reminding you that tomorrow night they’re teaming up with GamespotAU and OzHadou to run the first Sydney tournament for the forthcoming Soul Calibur V. Registrations are already closed, but if you’re in the area you might want to stop by and see some of the action for yourself.

Coming Out to Play

For many attendees a tournament is more than a competition to determine the best player. As support for fighting games in arcades continues to decline, community organised tournaments have taken their place as the best environment for playing fighting games offline.

This week I’ll discuss the role of casual play at fighting game tournaments. I’ll review the expectations players have regarding casual play during a tournament, and how you can vary your tournament format to meet these expectations. I’ll also review some of the things organisers can do to provide attendees with the best possible casual play experience.

Shadowloo Night Live x Ozhadou Regionals Melbourne

Come down this Sunday to the M9 Bar in Crown for a chance to win a paid ticket to Sydney to represent Melbourne at OHNX in either SSFIV: AE 2012 or UMVC3.

2nd place in either tournament will also receive a minimum of $50 that can be used towards a trip to OHNX. You can find out more information here.

Spectating is also free, or simply watch the action on the stream.

Power to the Players

In recent weeks I’ve outlined how tournament organisers go about setting their official tournament line-up and allocating available resources. The focus so far has been on all tournaments and other activities managed centrally by tournament organisers and staff. However it’s possible to expand your tournament beyond the official line-up by inviting the community to run activities at your event.

This week I’ll discuss the topic of do-it-yourself (DIY) tournaments. I’ll review the origins of the DIY tournament concept, which stretch all the way back to the early days of Evolution. I’ll outline how DIY tournaments can enhance an event and potential pitfalls to be aware of.