OHNX: Collecting Passes

Since spectators can attend OHNX for free but are not permitted to play any games, we need a way to identify which people are allowed to use the consoles and arcade cabinets we’ll be providing for casual play at OHNX. We’ll do this by issuing OHNX wristbands to all registered players upon arrival.

Here’s a rundown of how the wristbands work: how and when you collect them and what they entitle you to at OHNX.

1) Registration Times
The OHNX Registration Desk will formally be open from 6pm to 11pm, Friday 17th Feb and 10am to 11am, Saturday 18th Feb. If you arrive to collect your pass outside these times you will have to wait until a staff member is available to help you.

2) Collecting your OHNX Pass
Upon first arriving at OHNX you should line up at the registration desk. Have a copy of your Paypal receipt ready with your Gamer Tag and Region as shown on our list of registered players.

3) Keeping your Wristband Safe
Once we’ve confirmed your details we’ll check you off the list and issue you with your OHNX wristband. These wristbands are durable and waterproof, and are intended to last you for all 3 days. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR WRISTBAND until OHNX is over, otherwise you will have to spend time proving your identity to us before a replacement is issued.

4) No Wristband, No Games
Only people wearing wristbands are allowed to play games at OHNX. Nobody should give up their spot on a casual setup for someone without a wristband, and anyone found playing without a wristband will be asked to leave.

5) TTT2 Passes on Friday
Since there will not be any TTT2 cabinets at the OHNX venue on Friday, we expect most TTT2 players will be at the arcade on George St on Friday. FaYd will also be there, and he’ll be able to issue wristbands to people that have only registered for TTT2.

Note that TTT2 players can still collect their passes on Saturday if preferred.

So remember to have a copy of your Paypal receipt ready, make sure you come to collect your wristband during the allocated times and keep your wristband on until OHNX is over. We look forward to seeing everyone at OHNX this weekend.

Prizes from Namco Bandai at OHNX

We’ve got even more prizes on the way for OHNX, this time from Namco Bandai Partners.

As the official sponsor for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V Namco Bandai Partners have provided us with these hot new release games to give away:

  • 5 x Soul Calibur V for Xbox 360
  • 5 x Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Xbox 360

We’ll be sharing these prizes between top placing players in the tournaments for TTT2 and SC5, as well as placing a few copies into the OHNX prize raffle, which now has over 30 prizes up for grabs including movies, games and more. The raffle prizes will all be drawn during the finals of OHNX on Sunday the 19th of February. Check the prize section of the tournament rules page to find out exactly how you can win these prizes.

Remember that Namco Bandai Partners are also supporting OHNX by providing one of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade cabinets that will be available for casual play on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of February, along with console setups for Soul Calibur V.

OzHadou thanks Namco Bandai Partners for their generous support for OHNX.

Madman and THE RAID Prize Pack for OHNX

Madman Entertainment is proudly supporting one of Australia’s biggest fighting game events, OzHadou Nationals 10, with an action packed prize pack. Kicking off with posters and free passes to THE RAID, the most badass martial arts film in years!

Here is a list of all the great prizes Madman is providing for OHNX. First up we have the prizes for THE RAID:

  • 10 x THE RAID Double Passes
  • 20 x THE RAID Buy One Get One Free vouchers
  • 15 x THE RAID posters

In addition to THE RAID prizes, Madman are also providing this massive selection of DVD/Blu-Ray discs. The complete list can be found after the jump.

For more information on anime, manga, asian cinema, graphic novels and other cool stuff visit www.madman.com.au or like the Madman Facebook [facebook.com/madmanent].

OHNX: Pool Assignments Announced

Seeding for the official tournaments at OHNX has been completed! Use the links below to find out which pool you’ve been assigned to for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and/or Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Use the tabs to navigate between each game.

Please make sure you’ve been included in all the official tournaments for which you have registered and if you think we’ve left you out by mistake please let us know asap.

Don’t forget to check the official OHNX schedule so you know when your pools will start. We recommend people arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for their pool. For SSF4:AE and UMvC3 Be sure you arrive for your matches with a controller ready, and remember that players who fail to turn up when called will be subject to disqualification.

Good luck to all competitors at OHNX!

Prizes from THQ at OHNX

We recently announced that OHNX sponsor THQ was providing us with a fantastic collection of prizes to give away at OHNX, including 10 pre-release copies of the eagerly anticipated Street Fighter x Tekken.

We’ll be sharing these prizes between the top 8 places in the tournaments for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, as well as placing a large number of prizes into the OHNX prize raffle that will be drawn during the finals on Sunday the 19th of February.

For a complete listing of THQ prizes up for grabs visit the tournament rules page of the OHNX website and scroll down to see the prize details.

A-Cho for Beginners

This weekend we have the tenth OzHadou Nationals tournament. One of the highlights at OHNX will be the renewal of the Street Fighter IV team exhibition between rival cities Sydney and Melbourne. OHNX will be the first time this encounter has taken place on Sydney’s home turf, and things will be a little different as the organisers have elected to swap out the usual “winner stays” format for the so-called a-cho format.

In this special pre-OHN edition of Bracketed I’ll provide an explanation of the a-cho team tournament format. I’ll compare the a-cho format to the “winner stays” approach and explain why a-cho offers unique advantages for tournament organisers and players in an exhibition setting.

OHNX: Players to Watch

With registrations closed and only days left until OHNX begins, the OHN Team has taken some time to look through the competitors for the official tournaments and picked the people we think have a good chance of making top 8 at OHNX in SSF4:AE, UMvC3 and TTT2.

Click on each official tournament game below to see who we’ve nominated as players to watch for at OHNX. You’ll also find profiles for each of our picks so you won’t be unprepared when you run into these top players during the tournament.

You can discuss our picks and make OHNX predictions of your own by posting in the OHNX predictions thread on the forums.

HES Sponsors OHNX

We are pleased to announce the participation of our new sponsor, Home Entertainment Suppliers (HES).

HES is the official Australian distributor for Madcatz products in Australia and are supporting OHNX with Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Round 2 sticks as 1st place prizes for all official tournaments and Road to Evo tournaments. This means 1st place in SSFIV:AE (Xbox 360), UMvC3 (Xbox 360), TTT2 (PS3), SC5 (PS3) and KOF13 (Xbox 360) will all take home a Madcatz Round 2 TE stick along with their cash prize and championship trophy/medal.

HES is also providing OHNX with one of the first available Madcatz Street Fighter x Tekken sticks, which we’ll be giving away to one lucky attendee in the OHNX Raffle Draw during the finals on Sunday.

For more information about HES visit their website, and remember that you’ll be able to purchase your own SFxT arcade stick soon from The Gamesmen.

Setting the Schedule

As you plan your event you’ll decide on which games to include and what formats you’ll use, along with any extra content you’d like to feature. You’ll also find and reserve a suitable venue. With all that sorted out the next thing you’ll want to do is work out when everything will take place.

This week I’ll discuss the topic of tournament schedules. I’ll run through common tasks and activities relevant to most tournaments and discuss the things you should consider when allocating time for each in your schedule. I’ll also discuss the importance of publishing a detailed schedule before the event, along with the benefits of sticking by it.

OHNX: Registrations Closed, Cash Prizes Announced

Registrations for OHNX are now closed. Thanks to everyone that has registered for the event. Please be sure to check the registration list to make sure we have all your details recorded correctly.

With registrations closed we’ve also locked-in the cash prizes for all of the official tournaments. Remember that top 8 in each official tournament – SSF4:AE, TTT2 and UMvC3 – receives prize money. This includes a bonus $200 for TTT2 donated to OHNX by Kevin Lui.

To find out what players can win in the official tournaments at OHNX, visit the Tournament Rules page of the OHNX website, where we will be providing ongoing updates for prize allocations at OHNX as they become available.