BSG Updates – Part 1

For the recent OHNX tournament all of the official tournament brackets were seeded using my Bracket Seed Generator (BSG) Excel spreadsheet. Along the way I stumbled across some weaknesses and bugs that I wanted to address, so following OHNX I spent some time developing a new version of the BSG.

Over the next three weeks I’ll run through the new features in version 6 of the BSG. This week I’ll begin by discussing new rank seeding features and changes to the way pools are displayed. In part 2 I’ll review upgrades to the regional seeding algorithm in the BSG, and part 3 will cover a list of bugs that have been fixed.

Media Coverage for OHNX

As always there has been plenty of community feedback following OHNX, but it’s not just the Australian fighting game community that has taken notice of the tenth OzHadou Nationals tournament. There has been extensive coverage of the event across a range of gaming websites. A list of articles is provided below.

The OHN Team thanks all of these websites for their coverage of OHNX, especially Shoryuken and Evolution for their coverage and support via the Road to Evo tournament series.

A list of links to all the articles covering OHNX can be found after the jump.

Game, Set and Match

During the tenth OzHadou Nationals tournament the competitions for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (SSF4:AE) and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3) were run with a “best of 3” format i.e. each player had to win 2 out of 3 games to win their match and progress through the bracket. By contrast the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2) competition had single games for most of its matches, switching to best of 3 towards the end.

In this week’s article I’ll cover the games per match tournament rule. I’ll outline how many games per match you should aim for and why you should try to keep this consistent for the entire bracket. I’ll also outline circumstances where it’s reasonable to change the games per set.

Kotaku Australia covers OHNX

Zorine Te from Kotaku Australia was on-hand to witness all the action at OHNX. Competing in the TTT2 tournament under gamer tag “Harli”, Zorine has followed up her time at OHNX with this article covering the event. Find out what [NSW] Arnold Desu had to say about his victory in UMvC3, and check out some great photos as well.

The OHN Team thanks Zorine and Kotaku Australia for taking the time to report on OHNX.

Media from OHNX

The official photographer for OHNX was provided by Panda Photography. They’ve recently put their OHNX photos online and you can check them out via their Facebook page.

For those that missed some of the action at OHNX, archives of the stream provided by JBHewitt and Slapper Joe from Lansmash are
available at the OzHadou Twitch TV page. Check it out to see what all the fuss was about, or to relive some of the great moments from OHNX if you were there in person.

The OHN Team thanks Lansmash for providing the first ever stream for OHN, along with all the people that helped with commentary and general assistance to keep the stream going. Thanks also to Panda Photography for spending the weekend collecting photos of OHNX for us.

For further discussion, feedback and media please visit the OHNX: Results, Discussion and Feedback thread on the OzHadou forums.

OHNX Results

The tenth OzHadou Nationals are over. Thank you to everyone that came along to watch, play and compete, as well as the huge list of people that helped out in the lead-up to the event and on the day. Thanks also to all our sponsors for their generous support.

Here are the top 8 results for all official tournaments at the top 4 for the Road to Evo.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v.2012
1st [SGP] DM | Xianmsg
2nd [NSW] Shangtsung
3rd [NSW] robsux
4th [NSW] Huck
5th [NSW] Crazy FreeRider
5th [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY
7th [VIC] Heavy Weapons
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1st [NSW] Arnold Desu
2nd [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY
3rd [QLD] Low Blow
4th [QLD] Haichii
5th [QLD] NefeliousG
5th [VIC] BurnoutFighter
7th [VIC] shadowfox
7th [VIC] Somniac
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1st [NSW] Lucky Strikes
2nd [NSW] St. George
3rd [NSW] Handsomeboy123
4th [NSW] MMT
5th [NSW] meat
5th [NSW] Lordsilver
7th [NSW] Crocop
7th [VIC] Dion
Soul Calibur V
1st [VIC] V1p3r
2nd [NSW] Awakened Being
3rd [NSW] Peter
4th [NSW] Ipandroo

The King of Fighters XIII
1st [SGP] DM | Xianmsg
2nd [VIC] V1p3r
3rd [QLD] Colonov
4th [QLD] Qmar

To see the full results for each official tournament, check out the live online brackets from OHNX. Keep an eye on the OzHadou forums for full results for SC5, KOF13 and other DIY tournaments at OHNX.

Finally for all players that placed top 16 in SSF4:AE, UMvC3, SC5 and/or KOF13 at OHNX, please email us with the valid email address you’re most likely to use when registering for Evo 2012 so that we can secure your Evo seeding points. This needs to be done quickly or you will forfeit your points.

Congratulations to all our OHNX champions, and thanks again to everyone that participated in OHNX.

OHNX: Live Online Tournament Brackets

Have you ever watched a live tournament stream and been unable to work out what’s going on because you can’t see the state of bracket? Or have you ever been at a tournament and had to badger the judges to get a look at your next match? These are familiar scenarios that we’re looking to eliminate at OHNX with the introduction of live online brackets.

By using templates we’ve prepared up in Google Docs we’ll be providing live bracket updates on the web for all the official OHNX tournaments, as well as the finals brackets for our DIY Road to Evo tournaments and even match results for the Capcom exhibitions.

Here are the links to the live online brackets for OHNX. There are two versions to choose from: web pages which should be compatible with any web browser, and Google Docs spreadsheets where you’ll be able to watch the bracket updating in real time.

OHNX Brackets – Web Pages

OHNX Brackets – Spreadsheets

Finally, during the OHNX weekend you’ll be able to keep track of all the action via the OHNX website: Here we’ll be providing quick-links to live streams, brackets and community discussions for OHNX.

On behalf of the OHN Team I’d like to wish all OHNX competitors good luck, and we look forward to seeing who will Claim the Throne in 2012.

OHNX: Capcom Exhibition Rundown

On Sunday the 19th of February the finals for all official and Road to Evo tournaments at OHNX will be taking place. In addition to deciding the 2012 Australian National Champions in SSF4:AE, UMvC3, TTT2, SC5 and KOF13 we’ll be giving away over 30 great prizes in the OHNX Prize Raffle.

However if that’s not enough hype matches for you, check out OHNX from 7pm on Saturday the 19th of February where we’ll be running a series of exciting exhibition matches in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There will be 3 state rivalry team exhibitions run using the a-cho format. Captains will announce their teams and then secretly determine their team orders and character selections.

For SSF4:AE a team cannot have more than 1 of any given character and Ultras are not locked. For UMvC3 no 2 players on the same team can have exactly the same 3 characters, while assists and character orders are not locked.

We’ll also be running a couple of high profile call-out matches. A rundown for each Capcom exhibition match at OHNX can be found after the jump.

OHNX: Claiming Your Road to Evo Points

As mentioned previously, OHNX is one of many tournaments around the world making up the Road to Evo in 2012. Competitors that place top 16 in Evo games at these events earn ranked seeds at Evolution in Las Vegas on 6th-8th of July 2012.

If you place top 16 in any of these 4 games at OHNX you will be eligible for Road to Evo points:

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Soul Calibur V
  • The King of Fighters XIII

To claim your points, you must come to the tournament desk at OHNX and provide us with the email address you will use to register for Evo 2012. If you do not provide us with this information during OHNX then you will forfeit your Road to Evo points. Please make sure you confirm your placing and get your email address to us during the event, because we need to send the details across to Evo as soon as OHNX is over.

OzHadou thanks Evo for including OHNX in the Road to Evo in 2012.