OzHadou Perth Ladder Finals: Post Event Writeup

2012 was a bit of a landmark year for the Perth scene. After being a rag-tag group of FAPpers, we were rebranded and reborn as OzHadou Perth. One of the major new initiatives we started was an ongoing monthly tournament ladder season for Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blazblue: CSEx, The King of Fighters 13, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Skullgirls. The season culminated with a Top 8 Playoff as the finale.

The playoffs happened last weekend and one of our local community members, Salty Pete, kindly volunteered to do a writeup of the event, which you can find below.

On December 2nd, a year’s worth of blood, sweat and toil came together for 8 titans in each of Perth’s ladder games, alongside two idiots who only wanted to churn butter in Skullgirls. For some of these games, namely Skullgirls and Third Strike, you would’ve been hard pressed to find someone who cared about the results, even including those in the playoffs, but for the other games, the intensity was thick in the air, and for the people who were serious about KoF, BB, MvC3 and SF4, the results meant a lot.

The day opened with the impressively awful Skullgirls top 2, since there were only 2 people with enough tournaments under their belt to qualify. The one-guy-who-actually-plays-Skullgirls could only look on with disgust as myself and BostonRob played a solo Cerebella mirror suitably disgustingly bad, with no combos, and command grabs for days. The highlight of the top 2 was Rob asking if he could pause and check the move list, since he’d forgotten the input for one of Cerebella’s supers. He was willing to give up the round for pausing to check, and I let him…only for him to discover there was no move list in Skullgirls, and he’d given up the round for nothing.

Next up was the also fairly bad Third Strike top 4. The main thing we’ve learned from these two ladders is that perhaps we should try running games people actually play instead of games from the 1950s and games starring toasters. Nonetheless, ATB|CoolzWengferno#hamyolo#lobstertech or whatever he’s calling himself this week managed to take it by playing Sean up until he lost and then ruining everyone’s day with Chun. BostonRob got to be in another highlight here, with his comments on the Alex vs Makoto matchup: ‘Makoto’s wearing two shirts, and Alex hates shirts.’

With this display of lack of caring finally out of the way, we got to KoF, which, albeit small, actually has people playing it. Weng also managed to take this fairly easily, after starting off with triple random, and then complaining that he kept randoming characters he knew. None of the actual top KoF players in Perth were actually in the top 8, however, since they either couldn’t get there in the case of Derrace, or didn’t enter enough ladders, or because they keep complaining they don’t like the characters in KoF13. There was also my usual display of salt afterwards. I would like to give myself the highlight for this, but that would be arrogant of me…which has never stopped me before, so the highlight I’d say would be my miraculous time out win over Guillotine-Fist in loser’s finals, only to go on to lose 3-1.

At this point, we were falling behind schedule, because, who thought, turns out KoF is a slow game when people drop combos all the time (or in Sean’s case, drop their random neomax), so BlazBlue had more of an audience than expected. I didn’t really get to watch that much of it because I dropped out pretty quickly and then went to do other things, but I did get to see Guillotine-Fist walk into Rachel’s astral and start mashing jab, which was probably the most hilarious astral kill I’ve ever seen. I hope everyone looks forward to the footage. Weng claimed his second serve of ‘winning a game because the real best guy wasn’t there on the day’ with this, hooray Weng.

During BB, we also had the three-way play off for MvC3’s 5th place, with a tie between myself, Logam and Spidey Scott. I lost to Spidey Scott 1-2, Logam beat Spidey Scott 2-0, and I beat Logam 2-0, letting me claim the 5th place in Marvel. Note that since Logam plays Vergil anchor, and I play anchor Vergil, the 5th place playoff involved about 300% of everyone’s recommended daily dose of XF3 Vergil comebacks. Then everyone went to go have lunch. Shoutouts to Baker’s Delight’s fruit mince pies, which are amazing, and Hobobloke kept calling them Christmas pies for reasons unknown.

After the lunch break began MvC3’s playoffs, I’d kept some of the fruit mince pies around to calm me down when I inevitably lost. It was pretty awe inspiring, having the bracket that was almost completely undecided prior to the 5th place playoff actually visible, and it all fell into place fairly quickly. Tournament favourite due to winning the past three playoffs, Weng (that’s how statistics works, right?), ended up losing 3-0 in WF against Hobobloke with his supposed counterpick team, and then losing again 3-1 in GF to end his desired grand slam which didn’t include Skullgirls or Street Fighter 4 since “they don’t count”. There was also much disappointment in the air when Spidey Scott lost to Weng in LF, since Spider-man/Hulk/Strange is such a cool team. There wasn’t really a stand out ‘hilarious moment’ as a highlight, so I’d just go with Derrace using Wesker’s counter super on Spidey Scott’s random Gamma Crush…only for Spidey Scott to just DHC to Strange and kill Wesker.

SF4 was last, and apparently most hyped, since there’d been people sitting around playing nothing but SF4 all day. I also didn’t get to see much of this, but I did watch the GF, which featured Derrace being the most upset I’ve ever seen him, in a Rufus mirror with Sohail. After the reset, Derrace tried switching to Gief, to no avail, dropping two games before going back to Rufus and still not managing to switch the tides. I’m a pretty salty guy, but at least my salt is all concentrated in myself: Sohail’s win seemed to manage to make a bunch of people who weren’t even in LF salty.

The ladder play-offs worked pretty well, over all, as a hype-building, community-strengthening event, at the end of the day. You could’ve been fooled into thinking fighting games weren’t competitive if you came in during Skullgirls or Third Strike (a friend of mine who’s never played fighting games before came in early and watched Skullgirls, and had everyone assuring him ‘this isn’t what fighting games are like’ every 360), but with some changes to the roster in the Perth ladder, as well as making the ladder into half year instead of year long, this can be alleviated. I think the ladder has really built some more ‘fire’ and ‘hunger’ and other vague terms regarding wanting to win into the Perth community, and so I eagerly await the competition at OHR.

Perth GDP – Get Dat Paper.

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