OzHadou APAC – May 2010

To celebrate both the release of Super Street Fighter IV and the forthcoming EVO APAC in Sydney, OzHadou is co-ordinating one of the largest tournament series ever attempted within Australia. The series is called OzHadou APAC, and will provide players throughout the APAC region a chance to qualify for SSF4 at EVO APAC in adavance.

The exact number of OH APAC tournaments will be finalised soon. There have been expressions of interest in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and New Zealand. Each OH APAC event will feature a Super Street Fighter IV tournament, with the winner earning a place in the SSF4 Finals at EVO APAC on Sunday 30th of May, alongside the top 8 players from the Last Chance Qualifier to be held at EVO APAC on Saturday 29th of May.

The flowchart below provides a breakdown of where OH APAC fits in with EVO APAC. Remember that the winner of SSF4 APAC Finals at EVO APAC will receive a paid flight to Las Vegas, USA to compete in the SSF4 tournament at EVO 2010.

For more information about the OH APAC tournament  series, visit the OH APAC thread in the OzHadou forums.